Summer Reading list

With summer finally here, and the all of my usual shows over until September, I started my summer reading list.  I don't like to make it really long so that I have a chance to add to it throughout.  I wanted to remind everyone that I enjoy YA literature, so all of these book fit into that category.  I don't have the time or patience for adult books, they are too long, and they take to long to read.  So here is my book list, so far.

Someone Like You- Sarah Dessen
I actually started this Monday night and finished it this morning.  It was really good, it was so good, that I added a few more of her books to the list this morning.  Hopefully they are all as good as this one.

What Happened to Goodbye- Sarah Dessen

The Truth about Forever- Sarah Dessen

Ship Breaker- Paolo Bacigalupi
Hero- Perry Moore

Stolen- Lucy Christopher

This is the first summer that I don't have a vampire book on my list, at least so far.  I prefer books that are well written, but I'm a sucker for a great story, like the Twilight series.  I don't feel that they were written that well, but the love story is amazing.  I like to get lost in a book, feel like a character, and enjoy a book for what it is, fiction.   If you have suggestions of any great books, pass them along.  I have plenty of room to add.

Have a Happy Humpday!


Rachel said...

I am also a fan of the Twilight series! :) I liked books 1-3, book 4 could have been left out in my opinion.

I might check out those books. I love those books that are a "fast read". :)

Hope you are doing well my friend!!


Kym said...

Love these! I actually have a list saved in my drafts that I think I'm going to post on Friday :) I love YA books and I've heard wonderful things about Sarah Dessen. I'm waiting for my Kindle so I can buy buy buy! :)

Olivia Grace said...

Love this list! I have a summer reading list I'm working on and love finding new reads to add. Have you read the Sookie Stackhouse series? It's an interesting twist on vampires!

Patricia said...

I will have to add these to my wish list.

I am following you via the Hump Day Blog Hop. I am already following GFC. Stop by my blog if you get the chance.