Summer Giveaway Bash and coffee talk

Happy Friday my friends!!!  
I am so excited to tell you all about the huge Summer giveaway bash over at For the Love of Blogs.  

Not only are they doing a giveaway a day, but the prizes are pretty FABULOUS!!!

There will be beautiful summer fun stuff like this

  and this
there are so many fun and wonderful things, that it would take me all day to list them.  

Do you like money???  Who doesn't right?  You could win cold hard cash.  Are you into gift cards?  There will be a few of those to win also.  Seriously the list goes on and on.  Who wouldn't want to win some of this fabulousness?  I know I would, there are a few things I would like to win.

The most awesome thing about this giveaway is there will be one everyday.  You don't have to sign up to win, then wait weeks to see if you won or not.  

The Rules are pretty simple, check it out:

How it will work:
  • You have One Chance to enter the giveaway put out on that day
  • Giveaways will close at 11:59pm est time
  • Only One Comment Per Entrant {all others will not count}
  • You must comment accordingly--meaning read the entry rules!
  • Anyone can enter
  • A Twitter Party will be going on and some RT's will give u a chance to win something on Twitter as well. #summergiveawaybash @taylordates
  • Enjoy and Have Fun!
Please NOTE{CASH Giveaways will be ran differently giving you more ways to enter: SEE BELOW}
Pretty Sweet, right?   The summer bash kicks off in a week.  Not only is there time to win, but there is still time to spread the word or donate a little somethin, somethin! 

There is a place to donate on this page.  If you like, you could donate $1 to add towards the cash prizes.  If you wonder, why do that?  Well think, if you add $1 and 29 of your bloggy buddies add $1, there is $30 cash that can be won.  The more that donates, the cold hard cash there is to win!!!  You don't have to donate more than that dollar, and if you win, it's an investment! 

I hope that you head over and check it all out.  Donate a $1 if you like, or maybe you could donate something crafty you make.  All the information you need is here and here

Please spread the word, and join the FUN!!!


By the way, if you love coffee, and you are free today, you should stop by Coffee Talk today between 1pm-2pm est for live chat, and a chance to win a gift card!!!!

I'd love to see you there!!!

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