New Expo Washable Markers Review

Last weekend I hosted a House Party for the New Washable Expo Markers.  I was sent several of Expo's new washable dry erase markers in fine tip and fat tip, there were also individual white boards, erasers and 1 white board easel.  The new markers are amazing!  You no longer have to worry about markers staining your table clothes, the kids or your clothes or anything else, just throw it in the washer and it's gone.  Good thing they are washable because Baby Diesel "tattoo's" himself and everything else.  Now I don't have to worry if he gets a hold of one of these markers. 
The markers come in some really pretty colors like lime green, flame orange, purple , yellow, pink and blue.  They are great to use to make your daily or weekly menus like I did here.

I also used the boards and markers to make signs for each activity

When D found out they were washable, he asked if he could have a tattoo studio, so he could tattoo everyone.  Without hesitation we agreed.  He even made the board in the background that had all the tattoos you could get.  You could also put in your own request.
Look at the intensity in his face

It rained the day of the party, so we had to do everything inside.
We played bean bag toss

They had a drawing contest with Baby Diesel as the judge
They all loved musical boards, even the littlest one.
There are so many things that can be done with Expo markers and boards, the possibilities are endless!  I want to thank Expo markers for coming out with washable markers and House Party for letting me host the event, the kids loved it! 
I would highly recommend these markers to anyone with kids!

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Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas said...

How Fun! :) My girls LOVE Expo markers - we use them all the time. I used them when I was teaching too and the kids always wanted to work with them. A great tool!