I am a sucker for a great piece of pottery!  From bowls to coffee mugs to well, just about anything.  When I go to art shows and festivals around West Virginia and Ohio, I always look for a new piece of pottery.  Though I have learned that my favorite place to shop for a piece of pottery is at the WVU semi-annual pottery sale.  There is one in December before Christmas break, and one in May before Mother's Day.  I usually go to the one in May, they do make great Mother's Day gifts!

 aren't these pieces beautiful?

Isn't this bowl unique and beautiful?  
I just love this pottery

I love that each piece is unique to itself.  There may be pieces that look similar, but in some way they are different.  I love the coffee mugs so much that I buy a new one every year.  There is nothing like having my morning cup of coffee in a beautifully hand crafted mug.  I don't ever buy plain old coffee cups from the store. I don't even like to drink out of them.  When I'm at someone else's house, I try to find the most unique cup, and that's the one I enjoy.

I have bought everything from coffee mugs, to huge salad bowls, garlic roasters, beer steins and a salt holder, which I sadly broke myself this year.  My dad asked me what was so special about my bowl, I said besides it's handmade pottery, it's huge.  When I'm eating just a salad, it holds it all and is just the right size!  Steve liked mine so much, I bought one for him.  All pottery is lead free, microwave, oven, dishwasher and food safe.

For the first time ever, I had a problem with the cup I bought this year.  When I got it home I found a huge crack in it.  I called the number on the card that was with it, and Chris, was amazing.  I took a picture of it, sent it to him and went from there.  Needless to say, they are replacing the mug.   I was so excited.  Not many places would let you return a cracked or broken cup.  Somehow they would turn it around that it was your fault, which I didn't do.  By looking at the picture, he could tell it wasn't my fault.  This gave me an even higher respect for Chris and the pottery department at WVU.  They truly believe it's important to make the customer happy, which they made me extremely happy!
this is this years cup

While on the phone with Chris, I learned that they now have a studio and gallery in Morgantown.  This excited me even more.  Now I don't have to wait for the sales to go get gifts of their beautiful pottery for others or myself.

I love that the money for the pottery goes back to the ceramics department at WVU.  It supports the students and department.  I feel it's important to support locally, whether it be buying locally grown foods or products.  It supports people and places not run by huge companies.

If you love pottery, and you are ever driving through Morgantown, West Virginia, stop by the
West Virginia University Ceramics Production Studio and Gallery
200 Frederick Lane, Suite 3
Morgantown, WV 26508
tell Chris Bobbi sent ya!

When you go to art shows or even festivals this summer, look out for the pottery tents.  I highly recommend a great piece of pottery.  It is beautiful and lasts forever, unless one of your precious angels drops it.

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TexaGermaNadian said...

Beautiful! My cousin actually made us some stuff that was very similar to this, and I love it. What a great collection they have there! Thanks for linking up once again to the Storytellers Blog Hop! I am glad you joined in!

Cherie @ Lots of Jewels' Blog said...

I am a pottery freak too! I always buy a little piece of pottery at craft shows and love to use them in unique ways. I use a little bowl for my q-tips, dishes for rings and earrings, soaps, etc. I am a mug addict for sure! I love to buy a great handmade pottery piece! Thanks for the heads up about the shop in West Virginia. I will have to get down that way.

Have a great weekend!


Patricia said...

Beautiful work!
I am following you via Coffee Talk blog hop. Following you already on GFC. Stop by and visit and join what you like.