A night out, and I can't drink

I may not be able to drink right now, but that doesn't mean I can't take out my cousin and let her get a little tipsy!  Like I said last Thursday, I love a yummy margarita from Chili's, and until last night, I haven't had a chance to get out to try one.  So I called Jo, and asked her if she wanted to drink for me.  Like I would get a no to that, not a chance.  Jo is my drinking buddy here in Ohio.  If she is in WV when we are there, we usually tip back a few there too.  We are both pretty fun when we've had a few, and truly are hilarious.  If you don't know who Jo is, she's Barry's wife, if you've ever been around on Monday's, he does every other Manday posts.  I know he's mentioned her a few times, so I thought I would share a picture to put a face with the name. 

We had a ball, we were there forever. A few hours out without the kids was very needed.  It always does me good to have a little time away, just to breath.  You stay at home moms know what I'm talking about.

Jo said the Margarita's were delicious.  The waitress suggested I order for her, but that's not a good idea because I go for Patron every time, and I don't know she's ready for that yet. So she ordered herself.  I don't know what this one was called, but doesn't it look yummy?
Here we were after number 2.  Notice I've even controlled myself from touching the glass, but it was so tempting.  She had the house margarita and said it was the best house margarita she's ever had.  Since we both love margaritas, I would have to say that it was pretty good and trust her opinion.  I want to thank Jo for a great night out, and having one for me!

 disclosure: I would also like to thank Chili's for giving us the opportunity to try their margaritas.  All opinions are ours (well Jo's) and true.

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I hope you all have an AMAZING Humpday!


coupon chick said...

Oh sweet Margarita! Nectar of the gods! You did way better than I would have...what will power!

found you by way of the hop! Following on GFC & Twitter!

stop by anytime!

shawn @ chicksdigcoupons.blogspot.com

Vic said...

sooo pretty:) love ya

Mama"B" said...

Yum........Wish I could have been with the 2 of you.

Love you both!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bobbi! I had a great time with you and the drinks were just as good too.

Love Jo :)