Apple Picking 2012

Again this year we took the boys apple picking, it is truly my favorite thing to do with the boys in the fall.   It was beautiful day and the boys absolutely love it!

 The smile on his little face is priceless!
His first time in the orchard
 my sweet little guys!
 D was little mans size the first time we took him
 Of course you have to eat the apples right from the tree!
 Oh how I love my boys!  
Hope you all are having a great day!  I'll be posting some holiday crafts really soon!  Stay tuned;)


Refrigerator Pickles

When I was pregnant with my first son my amazing neighbor Kim use to make refrigerator pickles.  I would eat so many of hers that she began to make me my own.  Let me tell you now, this stuff is so easy and delicious I can't get enough of them.  What you'll need:

Pickling cucumbers (to your liking)
1 onion
1 cup of white vinegar
1 cup of water
1 cup of sugar
Black Pepper

Mix the vinegar, water and sugar together and heat in the microwave just enough to heat.
Add the onion and Vinegar and Pepper to taste
There needs to be enough of the mixture to cover the cucumbers, that's how I base how many cucumbers I put into the mix.  You could also make more of the mixture, as long as you keep the mixture equal parts.

Hopefully you can still find the cucumbers for a few more weeks.  Stock up if you can and make a few batches, they are worth it, and enjoy!

xoxo BJ


Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Is it ever to early to think about Christmas?  I mean, seriously, Hobby Lobby already has rows and rows of decorations for Christmas out.  I love Christmas, it's my favorite holiday of the year!

Every year on vacation we buy the boys and ourselves a new ornament.  I figure that when they get older they will have a great start with their ornaments for their own tree.  This year, I didn't even walk into Christmas store, like I've said, I just haven't been myself the past few months.  Hence the lack of posts.  I'm hoping to get out of my funk, and become the old me.

Anyway, since I didn't buy an ornament this year, I figured I better make one, if not I'd kick myself come Christmas.  I had thought about this while on vacation, so I did pick up a few things that I would need.

I grabbed an empty ornament that can be opened from Hobby Lobby, and some shells and sand while at the beach, I printed a couple of my favorite photos from the beach, and voila an ornament that we all love!

xoxo BJ