Iced Coffee

For all you coffee lovers out there, this is the post for you.

I had a coupon to try the new International Delights Iced Coffee, and thought it was time to give it a whirl.

I love mocha and thought it sounded like my best option.   We all know I'm a Coffeemate lady, but I thought it would be ok to try out the International Delights.

Being that I'm trying to lose weight, and it is working, I watch every calorie I consume.  Here is the ID.
Can you see that?  150 calories for 1 cup.  UGH, I guess that's ok if you have the calories, but I found a way to save a few calories.

Make your own.  I brewed some extra coffee in the morning, which is only 5 calories a cup, let it sit until I was ready for it, and then made my own ice coffee.
I used my 1 cup of coffee, added 3 tablespoons of my favorite creamer, which is 105 calories for the 3 tablespoons + 5 for the coffee, making it 110 calories, and it's my favorite flavor!  Saving 40 calories!  I can eat 1 cookie, or some fruit with my coffee for 40 calories.  Just another reason for me to choose Coffeemate!  

What are you drinking?  Have a terrific Thursday!


Everything is better with bacon

For all you bacon lovers, I have just the recipe for you today.  I know there are a lot of people out there that don't like asparagus, but I bet if you try it this way, you'll like it.

It's really simple.

1.  Clean your asparagus as usual.
2.  bundle about 5 together and wrap with bacon
3.  secure the bacon with a toothpick
4.  lightly salt the bundle with garlic salt
5.  cook on grill until bacon is done
6.  enjoy!

These were so good, and so different than the other way I make them.  Try them, and you will like them, you will see.

Like Steve says, "everything tastes better with bacon"


Shopping frustration

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend!  We've been enjoying the weather, and spending a lot of time outside.

I just had to get this off my chest.  I hope it's not just me, but who knows.  I get so frustrated when grocery shopping.  I can't figure out why they set up stores the way they do.  When I grocery shop, I start at the back of the store and move towards the front where the check out is.  With that being said, why in the world do they put eggs and cold stuff like milk and yogurt in the back?  By the time you get to the front, it's no longer cold, and your eggs are probably broken.  It makes no sense what so ever.  Shouldn't that stuff be in the front near the bread and frozen stuff?  Maybe it's just me and I'm in a mood, but it's so dumb!  If I didn't shop with my kids, I could put that stuff in the top, but it still won't be cold if I'm going for a full grocery list.

What are your thoughts?  Do you know why they do that?

Anyway, have a beautiful Sunday!


It's working!

Good Humpday morning to you all!!  I don't know about you all, but it has been a BEAUTIFUL week!  I don't know if it's the warm weather we have been having, or the fact that I'm finally losing weight again!!!  It's been months, and I finally figured out why I wasn't losing.  Last week I shared my favorite new app with you, if you missed you, you can check it out here.  The combination of making wiser decisions when going out, and counting every last calorie I put into my mouth, the weight is falling right off!!!

I've lost just about 8 pounds in the past week, and I'm not starving myself at all.  We were out running around the other day, and not close to home for lunch, so we ate at McDonald's.  Not the best of restaurants, but I managed to stay under 500 calories for lunch and enjoyed my food.  I used my favorite new app that I was talking about, wrote it all down in myfitnesspal, and still stayed under calories that day.

Losing weight puts me in a good mood, but so does sunshine, warm weather and being outside.  The combination of all of them makes any day bright!

I hope you all are doing well with your weight loss goals, staying on track and having a fabulous week.

If you use Myfitnesspal, and would like to add me to your support group, send me an email (datssocute(at)gmail(dot)com, and we'll get connected.  I love new friends, we keep each other on track and motivated.

Have a great day!  Keep up your hard word, and keep this in mind:


Strawberry Balsamic, Chicken, sweet onion and Bacon pizza

In this house we eat the same thing every weekend!!  I don't know if it's habit, or has become that I just don't want to have to argue with my oldest over food, so we have pizza EVERY Saturday, and Spaghetti EVERY Sunday, thankfully I love both.

Anyway, I'm always excited when I find new recipes to try out on these days so that I don't get bored.  I came across this yummy looking recipe and just had to share.  Click on the picture and it will take you to the recipe.

If you have any yummy pizza or pasta recipes, please send them my way!  Have a very yummy Tuesday!

If you are on Google+ or Pinterest, check me out and I'll share the love in return!


My favorite new app

For those of you that have access to apps on your phone or other device.  I found an awesome new app that I'm totally loving!!!!

I've just recently REALLY tried losing weight, I decided enough was enough, and I have Easter and a wedding coming up in April and May, so the weight has to go!

It's called Fast Food
It has several fast food restaurants, and so many items with their calories.

I figured out exactly how many calories,( give or take a couple probably) I was eating at all of my favorite restaurants.  It's not that we go out that often, but what I was eating, was soooooo bad. So now when the hubs or boys want to go out for a treat, I can pull up that restaurant and find what would be the less of the evils.

If you have any really good apps, please share them, we would all love to know!

Have a fabulous Weekend!


St. Patrick's Day cocktails

For all you adults out there, here is a little green shot that is sure to green up your St. Patrick's Day.

1/2 oz. Green Creme De Menthe
1/2 oz. White Creme De Cacao
2 oz. Coffee Creamer

Can we say yummy!!!!

Or how about an
Irish Coffee
1 oz. Irish Whiskey
1/2 oz. Simple Syrup
Fill with coffee

Cheers, be safe and have a Happy St. Patrick's Day


Fruit Taco

Don't you hate when you wake up in the morning, go to make breakfast, and you don't have any of your usual breakfast foods?  Not that it happens often in this house, but it did this week.  We had eggs, and sausage, but nobody wanted that.  So I thought I would use the flour tortillas I had to make some tacos.

What you'll need:
Brown Sugar
Flour Tortillas
Fruit (I used Bananas and Strawberries)
Redi whip

1.  Mix brown sugar and cinnamon in a bowl
2.  Cut the fruit up
3.  Coat a pan with Pam
4.  Fry your tortillas on both sides
5.  Sprinkle the inside of tortilla with the brown sugar and cinnamon mixture
6.  Add fruit
7.  Top with Redi Whip
8.  Enjoy

I'm sure there is a way to make it a little healthier, but it sure is delicious like this!  Enjoy!


Shamrock Wreath

Here is my simple, but adorable Shamrock Wreath.  I would say I made it, but it would be a lie, but my Wonderfully talented Aunt did make it, and it's super easy and not to terribly expensive.  You can get the supplies from Walmart, or even the dollar store.  I love this wreath, it's one of my favorites!

All you need is:
 vine wreath
small yard stake
clover and flowers

Wire everything to the wreath, and hang, easy, right?!

Thanks Aunt Mar for my beautiful wreath!

Happy Friday All!


St. Patrick day ideas

I thought I would share a few adorable ideas I found for St. Patrick's day.

I love these cupcakes!
This is such a cute and easy idea!  My boys love fruit, so it wouldn't take long to devour this!

 such an adorable little hat!
 My boys would be so into this trap!

If you want to check out these ideas, just click on the pictures, it will take you to the original links!

Hope you have a Fabulous Thursday!


Simple Shamrock Shake

For all of you that love McDonald's Shamrock shake, and would love to have it more than once a year, here are a couple recipes just for you.

There are two ways to do it, depending on what you like.

Here is my version, it gives it a little different taste, but I love chocolate, so it does't bother me.

What you'll need:
2 cups mint chocolate chip ice cream
1 1/4 cup milk

Blend in blender in until smooth, pour in cup, top with redi whip and enjoy!

Or if you don't think it tastes quite right,

2 cups vanilla ice cream
1 1/4 cups milk
1/4 tsp mint extract
8 drops of green food coloring

Either way, you can it your Shamrock shake at home, year round!