My favorite new app

For those of you that have access to apps on your phone or other device.  I found an awesome new app that I'm totally loving!!!!

I've just recently REALLY tried losing weight, I decided enough was enough, and I have Easter and a wedding coming up in April and May, so the weight has to go!

It's called Fast Food
It has several fast food restaurants, and so many items with their calories.

I figured out exactly how many calories,( give or take a couple probably) I was eating at all of my favorite restaurants.  It's not that we go out that often, but what I was eating, was soooooo bad. So now when the hubs or boys want to go out for a treat, I can pull up that restaurant and find what would be the less of the evils.

If you have any really good apps, please share them, we would all love to know!

Have a fabulous Weekend!


Aleks said...

what a grat app, too bad i didnt see this 45 min ago, you know... before i ordered these cheese sticks lol. my fave app? i just downloaded picplz to my droid and im loving it,

Miranda Leigh said...

This is a really great idea! I definitely ate an entire 3-piece chicken strip dinner from Whataburger last night..including the two pieces of toast. I may be better off not knowing exactly what I consumed!!

Mikki said...

Thanks for joining Flock Together this week. I am now your happy GFC follower.

Love to Write said...

MyFitnessPal is also a great app...