Monday Motivation- What you eat

I hate when I have those days that I'm stressed out, or lazy when it comes to food.  I think, what is one hamburger really going to do, or I'm going to eat that piece of cake and I'll be ok.  When I know better.  I get so mad at myself, and truly feel like crap when I have those days.  When I think, I work too hard and my body still doesn't look like I want it to, so what should I care?  A treat is one thing, once in a while, but when you decide you don't care, day after day, it does matter.  That's where we began, where we looked like our old selves.  Those were the days we didn't care about our bodies and ate what we wanted when we wanted because it tasted good, not because it fueled our body. We might think, we are going to have one tiny slice of our kids birthday cakes, then when everyone left, we finished that cake.  I'm guilty!  I have a few weaknesses, and it really takes everything in me to not touch certain things, where other things I could care less about.    I have to remind myself...

Eating Clean really makes a difference!  I have found this awesome shopping list that makes eating clean much easier!    They say that your body transforms from only 20% in the gym, the other 80% is what you put into it!  When I eat clean, at least to the best of my willpower, I not only feel better, but I also start to see the changes in the definition in the body parts I work so hard to see.  I need constant reminders of why that slice of cake isn't helping the cause, or the Italian bread from back home that I can't eat just eat one slice. 

Having my fit fam, really helps too.  I know that a lot of people hate seeing pics of peoples' meals or their sweaty selfies, but for a lot of us, that's motivation.  Those are the pics that help us put down that donut and grab something not so terrible, to get up off the couch and do our workout video, or whatever it may be.  Some may think it's silly, but I like it, that's why I follow the people I do.  They are the ones that help me stay motivated.  If you have an instagram and post pics of your workouts or yummy food, leave a comment below so that we may follow you too!  

I hope you all have a fabulous Monday!  Make healthy choices and get moving!  xoxo BJ


A big Congratulations!!

I am so happy and excited for my little sister today!!  Today in the beautiful country of Grenada, she marries her best friend!

It saddens me that I won't be there to help her put her dress on, or make sure her foot bling is tightened so that it doesn't fall off, or stand there and cry at how beautiful I know she is going to be.  I just hope she knows that I will be thinking about her every second of today.  Every hour looking at the clock thinking of what she'll be doing to get ready for the biggest day of her life.

 I am so happy and proud of her and her new husband.  They have spent the past 10 years preparing for today.  Growing their love with all the ups and downs that goes with a relationship.  All of us old married folks knows that no relationship is perfect.  That a great marriage is built on trust, compromise, and a lot of love.  I wish them both many, many years of a happy, healthy marriage.  I might not be there in body, but I am there is spirit.

I love you Brooke and John!  I am so proud and happy for your both!  


Camping Watkins Glen KOA

Staying at just any campground, is like saying it doesn't matter what hotel you chose when you go on vacation.  Like hotels, campgrounds aren't all the same.  I wouldn't just say hey, I'm going to New York City and pick the cheapest hotel I can find, you never truly know what you're going to get until you walk through the door, and by then, it's to late to find a hotel that might be more to your liking.

When we choose a campground, we take several things into consideration.  First and for most we have to have full hook-up, meaning we have to have water, sewer and electric.  We may not use all of those things while we are there, but I like the thought of being able to use the bathroom in the middle of the night without having to go to the shower house or have to dump it when leaving.  Call me spoiled or a diva, but I'm not going full roughing it, that's just not me.

My preferred campgrounds are KOA's when we try new places, if there is one in the area.  For the most part, they are super clean, very family friendly, and have fun things for the kids to do.  It's always important for the kids to be entertained, and it's nice when I don't have to always come up with the ideas.

There are three different types of KOA's.

KOA Journey campgrounds are conveniently located near the highways and byways of North America and are waiting for you after a long day on the road. KOA Journeys offer long pull-through sites that help make setup fast and easy, have well-lit after-hour check-in service, and offer a robust line of RV supplies. They are great places to unwind and relax before the next leg of your journey.

Whether you're looking for a base camp for exploring the area or a fun place to stay with lots of activities, you'll love our KOA Holiday campgrounds. There's plenty to do at these KOAs, with amenities and services to make your stay memorable, whether it's overnight or for a longer stay. Each KOA Holiday features full service RV sites and KOA Deluxe Cabins with bathrooms. Take a hike, see the locale attractions or enjoy a campfire. It's your holiday!

KOA Resort campgrounds offer a carefree vacation in the great outdoors with plenty of patio RV sites and Deluxe Cabins with linen service. KOA Resorts also have an abundance of activities led by dedicated recreation staff, on-site food service, group meeting space, and so much more. KOA Resorts are all you could want in a vacation destination - all in one place.

While staying in Watkins Glen at the KOA, we had a great time not only exploring the State Park, but also spending time at the campground.  There was plenty of fun things to do and occupy the kids time.

The kids big and small had so much fun on the jumping pillow, giant waterside, the indoor pool with hot tub, and of course the zipline!  They also had two playgrounds a miniature golf course and fun activities lead by the employees.  We had a blast playing kickball with the kids and they love their new tie dyed shirts.  They even have Happy Hour in the store for the ice cream!!

 My complaints would be the size of the spots, I like the kids to have room to play in the grass, and there wasn't room for that.  The larger spots were the end spots next to the road.   The bathrooms weren't always clean, now I don't think that was completely the staff's fault, with a variety of people staying there, and quite a few cabins,  I don't know that the non campers know the proper etiquette of a campground.  Another example of this, was people walking through occupied campsites to their cabins.  I stopped 6 people total from walking though mine while I was sitting there.  (Nicely of course)  This bothered me!  My two year old knows not to walk through someone else camping spot.  I know that everyone might not know not to do this, but you have to think, do you walk through some neighbors yard when you are home?  Probably not, it's considered trespassing!  So don't do it in a campground, please!  My other problem with the bathhouses were the size of the showers.  Can we say tiny?  These were the smallest showers I've ever seen at a campground.  I couldn't shave my legs while the water was on.

Overall I would give this campground a 3 out of 5 stars.  If you need a campground to stay in Watkins Glen, it's a good choice, just be ready for the things I mentioned.  This review is my opinion, thoughts and in no way was I asked to do this.  I feel if I'm going to share my thoughts on the campgrounds we chose and pay for, other campers would benefit from hearing a completely honest review.

Happy Camping!


Motivation Monday- The Friends you chose

When we are kids, our parents say, "you are known by the company you keep."  As we grow older, it begins to makes sense when we get in trouble with them or get praised with them depending on our actions.

Things really don't change when we become adults, our associations might change, and the way we behave around our friends might change, but we still choose friends that for the most part are like minded with ourselves.  We learn that our friends make us happy, they like the same things we do and we can relate to them.  If for some reason these things don't happen, we go our separate ways and find friends that motivate us in our choices and make us feel great in our accomplishments or bring us up when we are down.  Friends that talk about you or aren't there to motivate us, are they really friends?  People who only speak to us when they want something, are they friends?

I have met some amazing friends on the internet.  I may have not physically met them in person, well, not all of them, but they are amazing.  When I'm having a bad day, they are there to bring me up, and remind me that we all have been through it, and it will be better.  When I'm not in the mood to workout, they motivate me to get off my booty and get stuff done!  Some days, all I have to do is check out Instagram and see their photos of their badass selves working out, or running or their amazing meals, or whatever they may have done for the day.  That is usually enough for me to do something that would make myself proud.  The amazing part about these ladies is they are always there for me, and I try my best to be there for them.

Yesterday I had the privilege to meet one of my long time internet buddies.  We met years ago when I began blogging, then started following each other on twitter, Instagram and myfitnesspal.  She is an amazing lady and has been working her booty off on her weight loss journey.  Kandy you are amazing!  Thank you so much for all your hard work, and motivation!  I am honored to have met you and call you my friend!

If you are in need of some amazing fitness minded friends, these are my ladies!  My fitness sisters, my #superwomanfitfamclub ladies, the women that motivate me, bring me up when I'm down, and are just amazing women in general!  I love each and every one of them!  Check them out!!

         Brooke                      Vanessa                     Kandy                      Ashley                      Dana

                                                                 Erica               Natalie

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Surrond yourself
around fitness
minded people.
Positivity can be so


Watkins Glen State Park

Sorry about not posting last week, but I spent an amazing week with my family, best friend, and her family exploring Watkins Glen, New York.  If you've never been, you have to go at least once!  There was so much to do, not only for the adults, but for the kiddos too!  I'm going to write about our camping fun later in the week, but today, it's all about Watkins Glen State Park.

If you are into hiking, walking, fitness or just beauty in nature in general, this place is amazing!  I could make this a very image heavy post, but I'm just going to show you a few, because it was stunning, and the pictures really don't do it justice.

If you've never heard of Watkins Glen, NY, it is located here:

There is tons to do, not only in Watkins Glen, but in neighboring cities like Corning

The great thing about the State Park is people of all different ages can walk it's many trails.  You can start at different locations and choose the difficulty you want.  We started at the bottom and worked our way to the top.  Once at the top, you can walk down a path with no stairs, walk back the way you came, or check out the snack bar at the top and ride an air-conditioned van back to the bottom parking lot.  

The falls were breathtaking!  There were so many of them, and each one was different.  You could see the way the water wore away the rock to form pure beauty in nature.

There were several falls you walked behind, so be prepared to get a little wet.  
We went the day after some rain, so there were several puddles that we carefully walked around.  I wore a pair of new sneakers and they only got a little dirty.  Sneakers or hiking shoes would be your best bet.  We climbed 832 stairs, so wear comfy shoes and depending on the weather, layer your clothes.  It was cool to begin with, but got warm with the walking quickly!

One of the many views from above.

I would highly recommend visiting this beautiful state park! My best friend that grew up in Corning, had never been until we went together, and said she'd be going back! Isn't it funny, each of us has beautiful spots close to us, but don't go to see them?  I am going to start taking the kids on more adventures right around us on those weekends we have nothing to do, so that I can say, we haven't left Ohio unexplored. 

If you have any beautiful spots that you would highly recommend, please leave them in a comment or share on twitter!  

E.E. Cummings