A big Congratulations!!

I am so happy and excited for my little sister today!!  Today in the beautiful country of Grenada, she marries her best friend!

It saddens me that I won't be there to help her put her dress on, or make sure her foot bling is tightened so that it doesn't fall off, or stand there and cry at how beautiful I know she is going to be.  I just hope she knows that I will be thinking about her every second of today.  Every hour looking at the clock thinking of what she'll be doing to get ready for the biggest day of her life.

 I am so happy and proud of her and her new husband.  They have spent the past 10 years preparing for today.  Growing their love with all the ups and downs that goes with a relationship.  All of us old married folks knows that no relationship is perfect.  That a great marriage is built on trust, compromise, and a lot of love.  I wish them both many, many years of a happy, healthy marriage.  I might not be there in body, but I am there is spirit.

I love you Brooke and John!  I am so proud and happy for your both!  

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