Monday Motivation- What you eat

I hate when I have those days that I'm stressed out, or lazy when it comes to food.  I think, what is one hamburger really going to do, or I'm going to eat that piece of cake and I'll be ok.  When I know better.  I get so mad at myself, and truly feel like crap when I have those days.  When I think, I work too hard and my body still doesn't look like I want it to, so what should I care?  A treat is one thing, once in a while, but when you decide you don't care, day after day, it does matter.  That's where we began, where we looked like our old selves.  Those were the days we didn't care about our bodies and ate what we wanted when we wanted because it tasted good, not because it fueled our body. We might think, we are going to have one tiny slice of our kids birthday cakes, then when everyone left, we finished that cake.  I'm guilty!  I have a few weaknesses, and it really takes everything in me to not touch certain things, where other things I could care less about.    I have to remind myself...

Eating Clean really makes a difference!  I have found this awesome shopping list that makes eating clean much easier!    They say that your body transforms from only 20% in the gym, the other 80% is what you put into it!  When I eat clean, at least to the best of my willpower, I not only feel better, but I also start to see the changes in the definition in the body parts I work so hard to see.  I need constant reminders of why that slice of cake isn't helping the cause, or the Italian bread from back home that I can't eat just eat one slice. 

Having my fit fam, really helps too.  I know that a lot of people hate seeing pics of peoples' meals or their sweaty selfies, but for a lot of us, that's motivation.  Those are the pics that help us put down that donut and grab something not so terrible, to get up off the couch and do our workout video, or whatever it may be.  Some may think it's silly, but I like it, that's why I follow the people I do.  They are the ones that help me stay motivated.  If you have an instagram and post pics of your workouts or yummy food, leave a comment below so that we may follow you too!  

I hope you all have a fabulous Monday!  Make healthy choices and get moving!  xoxo BJ

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