Halloween Fruit

I thought I would share the fruit I put together for middle man's halloween party.  I searched for Halloween fruit and all I saw were the oranges that looked like pumpkins or the bananas that looked like ghosts.  So here is my best version "halloween fruit"

I hope everyone is having a safe, and Happy Halloween!!
Come back to see this years Family halloween costumes!


Classroom Party Must haves! Halloween

I thought I would share all the cute treats I will be using this year for my son's Halloween Party.  I love being headroom mom!  It is so much fun to find the goodies the kiddos get to enjoy, and then see their faces with excitement with the cool food they get to devour.  Thanks to Pinterest and all of the lovely blogs/websites that hold these adorable treats!!

This yummy treat will be part of their treat bag to take home, with some pretzels added

You have to have cupcakes!!

Bottles of water always taste better with cute labels!

Popcorn, need I say more?

How cute are these Rice Krispie treats??

We will be having applesauce for a fruit, because I know this is a lot of sugar, but it's halloween, I allow it once a year.  

I'll be sharing my adorable applesauce treat Thursday, so be sure to stop by to see!  

If you have any great party pins, please be sure to share them for all the other homeroom mommies out there!  We'd love to see them.

Click on pics for link to recipes.


Fitness Friday- Tip of the week

Every Friday I'm going to share some of my tips for weight loss.  What I do, or at least try to do to help me achieve my goals. 

This weeks tip:

Get it out of the house, or just don't buy it!!!!  We all have weakness and triggers. I can tell you, if I have double stuffed Oreos in my house, I will eat them until they are gone.  No, I do not have the willpower to walk away or just eat one to satisfy my sweet tooth.  I have to eat them until they are gone.  Yes, I feel like total crap when I am finished, and even while I am eating them, but it does not stop me. It might take me two days to finish the package, and have help from my boys, but I eat the majority of them.  So I have learned, and threatened my father to not bring them in the house!!! Regular Oreos don't phase me, they could be in the cabinet for weeks, but double stuffed don't stand a chance.  Anything I know that I can't refuse, I simply don't buy it.  If I can live without it, my boys can too.  I'm not trying to punish them, but the foods we live without are the ones that we don't need to be eating in the first place.  

I have gone without McDonald's for a long time, before summer I tried a burger and fries, and was sick the rest of the evening.  I now don't even attempt fast food, it makes me feel crappy, and it's frankly not good for me, so it's gone.  Replace chips and dip with veggies and dip.  If I have Lay's in the house, I choose the chips over the carrots I keep in the fridge.  I am the creator of my own happiness!  I chose what comes in this house, I make the menu and I decide at the store what I'm going to buy.  So it is my fault alone when I make the poor eating and shopping choices.  If I want to eat healthy, feel and look good, I alone make that happen!  

 Of course there are days that I don't want to drive though a fast food joint so I don't have to make a meal, or just because it's easy, but then I remember how I feel afterward, and it's simply not worth it to me anymore. You can all do it, make the choice that you are going to be happy with tomorrow, not at the moment you hungry for the wrong choice of food.

 I found this saying, and think of it often.  

hehe, Have a fabulous weekend, be safe and I'll see you Monday!! xoxo BJ


Salted Caramel goodness!

Good Monday Morning lovely friends!!! I am so sorry it's been so long. I thought what better way to start off our Monday morning than to share a recipe!

On my weight loss/getting fit journey I have been drinking my coffee black.  I have gotten use to it, and it doesn't bother me a bit anymore.  Sometimes it's nice to switch things up a bit and try new things.  I won't be drinking my coffee everyday like this, but it sure is nice to try something new!

 If you don't already know, I love just about anything salted caramel! While spending a couple minutes on Pinterest the other day I found this yummy recipe.  I tried it out yesterday, and it was pretty yummy!

This morning, it didn't seem to taste the same, so I made a couple of adjustments.  I eliminated the milk altogether, and cut the salt in half.  Personally I like it better, it has more of the sweet taste to it, and not quite so much sodium;)

Regardless which you choose, try them both and make it the way that tastes good to you.  Have a blissful day!  xoxo BJ


Long time no see

I know I've been MIA for a while, at least here on the blog, and I have missed each and every one of you, but I'll be back! I've been spending a lot more time on myself and with my babies. I have a lot to share and talk about when I come back, which I'm going to shoot for next week. We are going to spend the weekend as a family in the great outdoors making memories with our boys, there will be pics to come! I want to start sharing more about my fitness goals, plans and what's been going on. More yummy healthy recipes, crafts and camping tips, tricks and reviews about our favorite camping spots. Hope you'll come check it out! Until then, Have an amazing weekend!!! ♥ BJ