Flaming Dr. Pepper

In honor of Father's Day Sunday, I thought I would share a drink that Steve likes every once in a while.  I don't know if it's because he likes Dr. Pepper, or the awe factor of the fire.  hehe

What you'll need:
1 glass of beer about 1/2 full of your favorite beer
1 shot glass of Amaretto                                                                                
top off Amaretto with 151, Everclear or anything flammable

Pour your beer in your glass, leave enough room for the full shot glass
Light the shot of Amaretto that's topped with flammable liquor
Drop it in the beer
***Blow out the flame before drinking!

I have seen someone think the flame was cool and try and drink the beer with the flame, needless to say they caught their eyebrows on fire!
So it's very important to blow the flame out before drinking.
**If you pour too much beer, it will spill over and whatever it's on will be on fire too!**

Steve says it really does taste just like Dr. Pepper, so if you're a fan,  give it a try and have a wonderful Thirsty Thursday!

If you head over to For the Love of Blogs wish the lovely Vic a Happy Birthday!  She is an amazing woman a truly deserves an amazing day!


TexaGermaNadian said...

Not gonna lie, LOVE me some flaming DP! I had totally forgotten about this drink, so thanks for the refresher. Might have to get in trouble this weekend with it, lol. Happy Thirsty Thursday!

Willow said...

I'm a new follower from the Thirsty Thursday Blog Hop and I've gotta say...I'm tempted to try this! Not usually a big fan of beer but I LOVE Dr. Pepper! :)