Dad's Snack Container

If you're still in need of a quick, cute and simple Father's Day gift, I've got one just for you!  I made a snack container for Steve.  There are certain things that Steve loves that he doesn't always like to share with us, he does, but he might not be happy with it when it all disappears.  So I thought I would get a container and personalize it so that it's clear it's all his.  All you'll need is a container, glass or plastic, some vinyl and something to cut it and some tacky paper.  I found my container at Dollar Tree, simple but big enough to get hold an entire bag of chips, cookies, or whatever snack he might be craving.  I cut the vinyl and laid it out to put the tacky paper on it.
Laying it out, you can get it just the way you want it.
Putting it on the tacky paper makes it much easier to lay it flat.  Be sure the tacky paper isn't really sticky.  I run it across the carpet a few times and my shirt, or a fabric chair, whatever to make it less tacky so it doesn't hold on to the letter to tightly.
Here is what the container says.
I added a little barbed wire ribbon to make it a little less boring, and a little more manly.  All I have to do is add his favorite snack before Sunday, and here is a container that's all his!

Have a Fabulous Friday dear Friends!


Bloggin in PA said...

Cute! I can imagine all kinds of uses for this! But some questons- how did you cut the letters so nicely? AND- what did you use for the tacky paper? (whats it called?)

(blogginginpa (at) gmail.com)

S. Greiner said...

Great idea as we also have the same "snack sharing" incidents in our house too!!!

Thanks for the idea!!!

CMD said...

Cute idea! Loved the barbed wire... lol... what a cute touch! Found you on FTLOB coffee talk, can't wait to check out more of your blog :)

vic said...

you're just too cool:)

lindsay said...

ha you're so clever :) i really love the barbed wire touch ;) have a good one darlin! xoxo

Jenny said...

hehe that's cute :D

Katrina said...

My husband would appreciate something like that! Around here, his favorite M&M peanuts candy is always gone due to all the kids getting into it. But..if he had his own snack container to put it in, well...it just might keep the little scavengers out!

I'm a new follower via GFC - saw your link on the Stalk Hop Friday list!
They All Call Me Mom

Olivia Grace said...

Love this idea! My husband is just like the baby, needing to eat every 3 hours. This would be perfect for that big baby!