Thrill Rides for Kids/Pregnant women at Disney

At Disney there are so many rides for your little ones from
Dumbo to
 Mad Hatter's Tea Cups
 Splash Mountain

 Of course you can barely see him with the guys arms up in front of him.

 Aladdin's  Carpet Ride
I was laughing because I didn't realize there was a camel that spits on you, and I got hit almost every time around.
 and Test track

just to name a few.  
Of course there is always Toy Story Mania, It's a Small World, and Peter Pans flight.
(All which are safe if you are pregnant)
D loved each of these rides, he thought they were all real cool! 
He also rode Big Thunder Mountain, but I missed the shot on that one. Whoops!

At Animal Kingdom, his favorite ride hands down was Kali River Rapids. It wasn't rough, but you do get wet.
This ride has a warning, but it's not rough, not at all.  It was actually less rough than the the Safari, which wasn't bad at all either.  I guess they put those warnings just to be on the safe side. 

His least favorite ride of all was at Hollywood Studios, it was his very first ride ever, and he had no warnings.
Yes, his dad took him on the Tower of Terror.  He was not a happy camper when he got off of it.  I guess just because they are tall enough, doesn't mean they are ready for it. 
He said it was cool all through the ride, even the going up part, it was the going down part that wasn't so cool.  
We were so very proud of him for doing it, he didn't want to do it again, but I was fine with that, at least he tried it.  
I wanted to buy the picture, but the guy in front of him had his arms up covering my whole little guys head.  I was a little upset.
This was the only ride I had a desire to ride, but the safety of my unborn child was a little more important this trip.  Next time is a different story, I can't wait to ride it!

Overall there really is a lot of stuff for your little ones to ride and if you're pregnant.  I loved every minute of this trip.  It truly is a magical place, and we are so looking forward to our next visit, whenever that is.  

I hope you all have an amazing weekend!  

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