Saturday thanks.

Ahhhh Saturday, I'm so glad to see you!  It's been a week.  Da Freakout has been out of sorts this week for some reason, and is making me crazy!  Baby Diesel has been a little more wild than usual too.  I'm just really thankful Steve is home for the weekend, and we can spend it just relaxing, maybe spending some time at the pool if it ever stops raining and getting some much needed rest.

I would love a hot cup of coffee, which I've been out of for a week, and didn't get it yesterday at the store. Grrrr

 Being somewhere with my family with a view like this.
Reading an amazing book
and wishing you all an amazing weekend, because you all deserve it too!
You are all my sunshine!
Thank you so much for coming back and following my blog, I truly appreciate it and love you all for it.
Next week I plan on working on some 4th of July crafts for you all to enjoy!

 Have an amazing weekend!!  xoxo BJ


Pamela said...

What a fun post to read! The coffee picture is great. I love Saturdays, too, when my family is all together regardless of what we are doing. Can't wait to see your crafts.


Mama "B" said...

Great Weekend to you!

Connie From Girl Tech Divas said...

Found you on blog hop, I am a new follower. I would love for you to hop by and follow http://www.girltechdivas.com !!

S. Greiner said...

Found you on the Mom Blog Hop Monday! Hope you have a great week...really like your blog!!!

I'm a new follower!
Always Just A Mom


Ewa said...

HI, I am your new follower :) from Mom Blog Monday Blog Hop
Have a lovely day!!

Stacy Uncorked said...

That's too bad you forgot to pick up coffee - I'd send a cup through my computer for you if I could! ;)

I'm your newest follower from Mom Blog Monday - congrats on being featured! Nice to 'meet' you...I'm looking forward to seeing your 4th of July crafty project post! ;)

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