Virgin Buzz Lightyear drink and a Rainbow Sherbet Fizz

Here are two drinks for your little one's birthday party.

Buzz Lightyear
1 banana
1 Passion Fruit
3 fl oz Guava Juice
1 fl oz mango puree
crushed ice
Tall glass

Slice 1/2 banana and add to blender
chop and scrape 1/2 of the passion fruit
Add 3 fl oz guava juice
1 fl oz mango puree

Blend with ice about 10 seconds or until smooth.
Pour and Enjoy

Rainbow Raspberry Fizz

1 Rainbow Sherbet
Quart of Pineapple Juice
2 liters of Sprite

Add all ingredients into punch bowl, and enjoy!

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shopannies said...

love punch like this so yummy