Calling all bloggers- Get Featured!

Happy Humpday all!  Hope everyone is having an amazing week thus far!  As most of you know,  it's getting to be about that time for me to have my little bundle of joy.  With that being said, I was hoping that some, all or most of you would like to have a feature on my lovely little blog.  

All you have to do is, write a post about yourself and your blog, make it as wonderful as you are. Send a craft, a recipe or anything else you may want featured.  Please be SURE it is in HTML format. 

Please include:     
Links to Your Site

Photos (Everyone Loves Photos)

A Button to Grab 

and an Interesting Story

I can't wait to see all the your fun blogs over here!  I will have them up in October being that the little one will be out at the beginning of the month, unless he decides he's coming sooner.  

Send your feature to datssocute(at)gmail(dot)com

Thanks so much!!!    ♥ BJ


TriGirl said...

Yay! Fun idea! I will send you something :)

KY said...

What a great idea :) And I am loving your pretty fall banner!! xo

"it's the final countdown..." haha, can't get it out of my head!! God bless!

Adrianne said...

Congratulations and I hope all goes well! I will send you something shortly - who doesn't love to be featured, right?

Found your blog at Catch a Wave Wednesday ~ hope you get a chance to drop by Happy Hour Projects!

Happy to be your newest follower ~ Adrianne


Left you a msg in Bloggy Moms - just wanted to say again, CONGRATS!!! Such a BLESSING!!! Now off to email you :D