Free Rangers

In an era of overbearing, over scheduling and helicopter moms it hard for kids to be kids. I am definitely a product of an overbearing mother. I couldn't cross the street until I was 12. Mind you I lived in a rural community and the only people that drove down this gravel drive way lived there! I am thankful for our pediatrician who advised us when our little guy was in his infancy that we should let him experience the world and explore his surroundings. This led to my wife and I adopting the free range idea.
Its nice to see little boys being little boys. Samuel is pretty good and well rounded, we don't hover over him or over schedule him or keep him on such a strict routine that our kid's childhood his being sucked right out of his soul. Yes, he gets into trouble, hell he's even been run over by a golf cart; but that too was a learning experience. The glare from his notebook paper doesn't bother him, he isn't afraid of getting dirty, and he knows if he is going to do something wrong, the juice better be worth the squeeze. I am terrible at a bunch of things, but I think I'm an OK dad.
Thank you Sam for being my son, drinking from our water hose, peeing outside, and being mischievous. Y'all enjoy your labor day with your kids.


KY said...

LOL that last bit made me giggle. My brother is now 9, but he use to pee outside all the time "because the dogs do" :) Happy Labor Day!

Cami said...

Hehe I like your last sentence :D

<3-Cami from First Day of My Life