Simple Solar Light Craft

We are always discussing different kinds of crafts to come up with.  I've heard of this awhile ago but never have seen it done.  If you are anything like me, I can visualize the end product and how to get there.  I usually don't follow instructions and just go by feel and in a logical order.  This is also an inexpensive idea since the materials in most stores are on clearance due to the end of the summer season.
This solar light craft is a very simple concept and very easy to do.  When the solar light is finished, there are many ways to use it and decorate it.  I consider it a "green" project because when it's done, it requires no power to charge or run it, just the good old sun.

So lets get started.  Here's the materials you will need:
Glass Jar
Solar light
Frosting, stickers, etc

Here are a few of the glass jars I used. Use different sizes and shapes.

Here are the solar lights that were on clearance for $.50 a piece.  Again
different sizes to fit in the lids.

I then took the bottom post off and discarded it.  I also cut the little knobby 
off that held the post.

Next run a bead of glue around the edge of the solar light.

Turn solar light upside down and place in center of lid.  You can use a clamp
to secure it while the glue dries.  I also added a bead of glue between
the side of the light and lid for extra security.
Then let dry.

When the glue has dried, decorate as you wish.  I used two different colors of
frosting.  One is the typically clear color and the other is a sea-foam color.
The bottom left jar I did not frost and added some colored glass
to the inside for visual effect.

The lines you see from the light are the plastic piece that's inside the solar light.
Depending on the effect you are trying to achieve, you can either
leave it or remove it.  It has no effect on the lights performance.

Here is another example of a night light for our son's room.  Bobbi found stickers
of lightning bugs and I sprayed the sea-foam frosting on the outside for
that fire fly look.

Here it is in somewhat darkness.

I believe the price for the big jar with the bugs was $3.00 because everything was on clearance.

Use your imagination and decorate how you wish.  These could be used as night lights, or on a patio table instead of a candle.  Spray frosting and etch a word or saying inside it.  Maybe just add some colored glass.  There are numerous ideas.

I hope this inspired you to make a few and please send me your ideas.  I have a few blank jars ready to be decorated.  I may wait until Christmas and make one a snow man or put snowflakes on it.


Steve ✈

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The Naked Mother said...

Love this idea! I didn't know you could get those little solar lights so cheap!

Jennifer said...

Cute idea! I definitely want to do one of these with snowflakes on it! Love it!

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

What a fun idea!!! Great end of the summer craft! :)

Jaime Lee said...

so adorable

Alyssa said...

Awesome and very unique idea! Great job!!