Payday substitute

If any of you love Paydays, or even like them, this is the treat for you!!!!  This little concoction is one of my favorite fall treats!  My dear friend Kim showed me this while living in Mississippi, and have gotten my entire family to love it!

All you need is: 1 jar of salted cocktail peanuts
 1 package of candy corn
and a jar to mix them in
***If you substitute the cocktail peanuts, it won't taste the same.***
Mix the two together and enjoy! 
When you pop a handful in your mouth, it tastes just like a Payday!
So yummy!
Love, BJ


Vic said...

how clever! i must try since i don't like either plain:) yummmz

Alida said...

you had me at Candy Corn!

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

Delish! I love Paydays! Thanks for the idea BJ!

Good Girl Gone Green said...

LOL, I thought you were taking about payday...as in the day you get paid!! But this works too! very cute idea!