Tooth Fairy visit

Oh, it's killing me!  My baby is growing up way too quickly!!!!  First Kindergarten, now he's losing his baby teeth.  I know they have to grow up, but it feels like the time is flying by.  Anyway, on Sunday night he had wiggled a tooth so lose that he pulled it out all by himself.  I would share that picture, but there was a lot of crying involved and the picture is terrible!  I wasn't completely ready for the tooth to fall out but luckily the tooth fairy had one gold dollar ready.  She prepared a little note and left a little fairy dust behind.    He decided he didn't want to put the tooth under his pillow because he didn't want her to touch him.  So he put it in his little box and put it on his dresser.

He was so excited when he woke up at 6 that he had to wake both of us up to show us.  It was cute, but 6 am was not what I was hoping for.  So on Monday night, I was brushing his teeth when a lot of blood came out while spitting.  So after checking it out, I told him his second tooth had to go, it was way to loose to stay in there.  So he worked on it for a minute, and decided me or his dad had to get it out.  I'm not good with blood so his dad took care of it.  It was out before he knew it, and was excited that the tooth fairy would be bringing him more money.

Once again, the tooth fairy left him a little note, a gold dollar and some fairy dust.  He loves it!
While searching the internet I looked for ideas for the tooth fairy.  Apparently there are books that have the box with them and a story.  A lot of people write little poems.  Of course what you do it totally up to you, and making it special for your little one is the most important thing.  Your little one only knows what they see, so it doesn't have to be more than what you want.  I read one person gave their little one a $20 bill for their first tooth, that's great if you can do that, but I think it sets high standards, then that's what they expect.  

I thought I would share what his notes read.
His first note read: D, thanks for the tooth.  Love, The Tooth Fairy.
The note above read: D,  thanks for another tooth.  I was surprised how fast you lost another one.  Keep brushing them daily to keep them so beautiful.  I'll be back soon.  Love, The Tooth Fairy.
Simple but special.  I thought the little feet print were a nice touch.  He thought they were cool.  I love the little things that makes him happy.

For all of you that have little ones about to lose their teeth, my only suggestion is to be a little prepared.  Have what they are going to get from the Tooth Fairy ready or at least have a plan.  Print out a little note or write the poem, or whatever you are going to do.  Don't be side swiped when it happens.

Here is my little guy with now two missing teeth.
Oh how they grow!  Savor every minute you have with them while they are little because you blink and they will be grown!
Have a happy Hump day!  Love, BJ


Victoria said...

I remember how exciting it was to lose teeth. Right now I'm dealing with my Monkey getting his. I love the little tooth fairy box and the dust. It's so cute!

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Elizabeth said...

Hi! I am a new follower. Joining you from 3 Four and Under's blog hop! I look forward to reading your posts. :)

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

How fun! We always got $1 bill stuck under our pillow! Simple, but looked forward to. ;) Funny story... My uncle had false teeth and my little brother asked if he could borrow them! He thought several would bring in lots of money.
p.s. Love the new fall look!

Chantel said...

My boys are 10, 11, & 12. The tooth fairy got sacked here a little while ago--totally lame on the job. Here's a letter she wrote....


But I loved your post!

Ciao Mama's said...

This is the true sign that little ons are growing up mine is just 19 months but the time has gone so fast in a few months she will start preschool and I am freaking out. New follower form the blog hop hope you can come by and visit my site

all on 4 said...

It's really a wonderful blog! You know you are absolutely right that children grow up very fast. Every parent feels alike that time just flies by and from the time their first tooth falls till their becoming independent in life, no parent realizes the time. It is just like that for all of us. But this feeling is just amazing.