Okay friends, so most of you know I'm expecting my little bundle of joy in the next few weeks.  I'm hoping sooner, rather than later, but he will come when he's ready.  I've started what they call "nesting". So cleaning, getting myself and everything ready for little man consumes most of my day.  I'm a big cleaner anyway.  My family and friends will tell you I'm a little OCD with many of my cleaning habits.

When I'm pregnant, the OCD goes to another level!  When I clean, it's not the usual mopping, dusting, reorganizing the closet, it's full blown, stay out of my way,  don't drop a crumb or you'll lose a thumb cleaning.

I pull everything out of all the closets, all of them, reorganize and wash stuff.  I pull everything off of the refrigerator, pull it out from the wall, sweep and mop behind it, then clean and organize the inside of it.  I do the same with the stove, I pull it off the wall, clean the entire thing, and then put it back.  Every little nook and cranny gets cleaned.  I get on my hands and knees to clean the floors because that's the only way to get close to the wall.  Windows get washed, floors get steam cleaned, and I vacuum the ceiling corners.  The fans and lights even get cleaned.  Kind of crazy, I know, I just can't help it.  Though I do wonder, in a house that we don't wear shoes, how do the carpets and floors get so dirty?  UGH, it drives me crazy!

No, I'm not like this all the time.  I do keep a clean house, it may be messy, but what do you expect in a house full of boys.  I do like to clean, I always have, ever since I was little.  I think that my grandma smiles down on me with the way I take care of my house and kids,  I remind myself of her, a little.  When I think of a clean house, hers would have been at the top of every list!  You could eat off of her floors on any given day, they were seriously that clean.  I wouldn't recommend that in my house, but they are pretty clean too.

For those of you moms out there, what do you do when nesting?  Are you as OCD as myself?  For those of you that aren't moms, how much do you enjoy cleaning?  Do any of you have any tips or tricks for me.  I only have a couple weeks left, but I'd bet there is something I might have missed.

I hope you all have an amazing Friday and Weekend.  If you get a chance, please email me a feature post to put up in October.  For more details check here.

♥ BJ


Vic said...

i do this too! it's crazy and then i get the moments where i end up leaving some crumbs on the floor because i tell myself that it's just too much and it can set for a minute! lol:) love u nester

Julianna, Jade, Janae, Jamie said...

We are two peas in a pod. I was exaclty the same and had the exact same feelings! You bring up all those memories of being SO impatient waiting for little one to come, and now she's almost one! What?! For me the cleaning and nesting was nice because it distracted me instead of just htinking about when she was going to come. Saw your post I will definitely being sending you one soon. Congrats on your little one!!!! you make me jealous I want another one now! haha

Cami said...

HUGS! Excited for you :)

<3-Cami from First Day of My Life

Good Girl Gone Green said...

Yes, OCD....LOL! I can get the same mentality...look a thumb if you drop a crumb!

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

I don't have kids... But I am a serious cleaner too! Even just visiting other people's houses that aren't clean, really grosses me out. So excited to 'meet' the new little one!

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

Hahah. I am no mom, but I do that too. Sometimes you just need to get a little OCD! It makes me feel more secure, ready, productive, settled...

Have a great weekend! I love your site. So festive!

Mallory said...

When I was nesting I was more about organizing than "cleaning" I hate to clean but I am constantly doing it. With an 18 month old it's nonstop.

Michelle said...

I love to clean when I don't have anything else to do. . . which is never. I really don't mind cleaning, but it just seems other things take priority! Thanks for stopping by the Sit and Relax weekend hop!
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