Strawberry-Kiwi-Banana Smoothie

I love smoothies, and so do my boys!  This is a delicious and easy smoothie.  I hope you'll try it and enjoy!

What you'll need:
8 oz papaya juice, soy milk or other fruit juice
5-6 strawberries, fresh or frozen
1 kiwi fruit, peeled
1 banana
3 ice cubes

Put juice in blender.  cut fruit into chunks; add to blender with ice cubes.  Blend until smooth.  Makes 1 (20 oz smoothie)

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Thanks!  Love, BJ


Bloggin in PA said...

That sounds so good and I actually have all those ingrediants! Im going to make this today!!

Smart Cents Review said...

Mmmm! Looks yummy!
New follower from Bloggy Moms! :-)
I look forward to reading more of your blog!