Silent Saturday- A little torture

First there was a visit from the Tooth Fairy to start off the week and then an unpleasant trip to the Pediatric Allergist.    My poor little guy.
 Thankfully Aunt Brooke was there to help!
He just adores her!

So this is telling us he's highly allergic to dogs.  
Nice, right?!
My heart goes out to all of those little ones that have to go through this.

Hope you all have an amazing weekend!  
♥ BJ


Kitten and Nana said...

Oh my, I hope your little man is okay. Is he in to dogs much? A lot of people I know outgrow their allergies so I'll keep my fingers crossed for him!

Cheers from Comment LOVE Day!

Vic said...

ugh ...the girls are allergic to everything...how sad! they have those allergy free dogs now:) hope he feels better! i can so relate doll:)