Post it Clipboard

While playing around on the web (which doesn't happen that often lately)  I found this adorable craft that I just had to try.  

What you'll need:
Paper coaster from restaurant
scrap scrapbooking paper
medium binder clips
post it notes pads
hot glue and gun
scrapbooking embellishment

Cut the paper to fit closely to the edges of the coaster.
I used my little sticky dots to adhere the paper to the coaster

I hot glued the embellishments to the binder clips and just put it all together.

 Pretty cute, right?  
Not only is it cute, it cost $1.00, the price of the post it notes.  Everything else I had laying in my scraps.
It would be cute laying/hanging around your house or as a gift for someone.

Enjoy and Have a beautiful Friday!


Cami said...

So adorable!!!!!!!!! I want one :D

<3-Cami from First Day of My Life

Vic said...

i have no idea how you find the time but you're awesome my love! so pretty:) wish we lived closer