There's a new day a comin'

Hello followers! This is the new and improved Barry blogging today; I am recoverying well and I feel like a new man. I can forsee many glorious Mandays in the near future; I am approaching my 3rd week of recovery and everyday is getting a little bit better. My Doctor has advised me that my sinus cavity has been increased 4-5 times in size volumetrically, and that is huge. I may be nearing release back into the wild but we will have to see what the Dr. says on the 3rd.
The possibilities for my first Manday adventure are swirling around my head and I am like a kid in the candy store. I want to fully experience breathing in the outdoors and don't know what to do with myself. I have not experienced this level of breathing in my life; the arrid climate of living in Las Vegas does not even come close to quality of life that I am now enjoying. It is as if I was living only a half-life all of my life and now I can finally be relinquished from the strangle hold that I have previously endured. I am trying to obey my Dr's orders of trying to take it easy and rest but it is so hard to restrain my wildside. I want to run through a mountain stream, hike up to the top of a mountain and roll down a grassy hill all at the same time.
On second thought I will start off slow and work towards granduer. I think that my first "wing spreading" excursion will be to one of Columbus's fine metro parks. They are wonderful and we are blessed that there are so many in such close proximity to our home. If grew up in the country and find yourself in the concret wilderness I highly suggest that you try to find one in your neck of the woods. They are pretty great in Columbus, miles of trails oceans of prairies and dense deciduous forests all in the same place I cannot hardly wait. I will take some pictures and take my postings from mere words to a more enjoyable visual display. I figure if there is a new improved me I need a new improved blog posting.
The weather is finally here and the pleasure is worth all of the pain. Theres a great day a comin' folks so when it gets here and the stars are aligned, the meteorologist isn't lying and you have a few free minutes go out and play. I will be right behind, not winded nor stuffy and soon to be under that same beautiful blue sky as yourselves. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers, Dr. Castillon is a miracle worker if you are suffering from the same miserable sinus conditions as I was check out your areas best ENT, endure the pain of recovery because you will reap the benefits 10 fold.
Yours truly,
The new improved Barry

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Patty said...

It's amazing how much we take for granted in life, the ability to breathe without discomfort for one. Most of us never really grasp what people endure when they suffer with severe sinus issues and how much their lives are compromised due to that condition.

Good for you! Get out and enjoy every moment!

Have a wonderful day,