Iced Coffee

I love my coffee! In the summer, sometimes it's a little to hot out to drink it hot.  So that I don't deprive myself from my coffee addiction, I put it on ice.

I make 6 cups of my favorite coffee (Dunkin Donut)
Fill cup with ice
Add coffee to my cup, a little more than half way full
Add enough Coffee Mate Italian Sweet Creamer to make it sweet/white
(sugar optional)
Top with Redi whip and some chocolate syrup

I don't drink my coffee with sugar or sweeteners, so if you put enough Italian Sweet Cream in it, it makes it really sweet, and enjoy!

I love my coffee!!!

If you have any great coffee recipes or drink recipes, add them to a Thirsty Thursday.  I would love to try them!!!!

I would like to ask one small favor today.  Barry is having his surgery today, and if you would say a prayer or send some good vibes, or whatever you believe in, we would really appreciate it.  I don't know what I would do without Barry, and could really use some love sent his way.
Thank you all, and we love you!

Have a Wonderful day!


posidanielle said...

yum that looks delicious!
I am sending prayers your and Barry's way today.
I hope the surgery goes quickly and he has a fast recovery!

Tammy said...

I was drinking my Dunkin Donut coffee while reading your post--we must be kindred spirits;)
I will be praying for Barry. Your newest follower from the mommy blog hop.

**Ashley P** said...

I will be praying everything goes smoothly! I am LOVING the iced coffee, I wonder if the ice is crushed would it turn into a frappucino?

Chrissy said...

Mmh, yummy! Love it!

Sneding lots of good vibes your way! Hoping all will go well girl!!! Hugs xxx

Katie Potter said...

This looks delicious! I'll have to try this.
Sending prayers your way. :)
And I'm your newest follower!

Jessi said...

I'm sending love and good energy your way!

I'm drinking iced coffee now, and I love that creamer too! So good, and so is the Lite caramel.

Mo 'Betta said...

I do loove my coffee! I love iced coffee but it's never as good when I make it at home... I need to try this creamer. Hope the surgery went well.

Vic said...

hope everything went well and i love yummy iced coffee:) de-O! love ya lady.....can i see some BUMP-BUMPS now:)

Jansen Family said...

I hope the surgery went well. Prayers and best wishes for his recovery and for you!