Graduation Gift Ideas

Here are some gift ideas for the High School graduate in your life.

We all know they will need a laundry bag.  Steve made this bag for our cousin.  
We used 1 1/2 yards of fabric. Mesh can be used, but we wanted to make it cute.  Steve stitched her name on an extra piece of suede so that you could really see it.  He also added a toggle like thing at the top to tighten the cording and so it would go back through.
I found her several things that all college freshman need to make it in a dorm.
Really the possibilities are endless.  I could have probably filled the gifts to the top, but I had to refrain.

College graduates gifts I find a little harder.  A nice check seems to work.  

Congratulations to my sister Brooke and my cousin Julie!  Love you both!  

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Great idea to give useful gifts to the graduate heading off to college! I am stopping by from the Friday Blog hop. I am your newest follower and cannot wait to read more! I hope you will stop by and check out my blog and follow me back if you enjoy it!