Making a Mother's Day Card

I used to be really big on buying cards for everything.  I was pretty good at picking them out too, the perfect card.  A few years ago I started making cards, they are cheaper (usually), more personal, and most likely a hole lot cuter! I thought I would share the mother's day card I made this year.  The great thing is, if you have a 12x12 sheet of card stock you can make one for your mom and one for your mother-in-law.  (2 birds, 1 stone) Or any special lady in your life, deserving of a nice card.

What you'll need:
1- 12x12 card stock
2- 4.5x6.5 card stock

I'm not good at writing on the outside of my cards, so I use my printer and a piece of velum to get the words I want with the fonts I love.
On this card I made an M with dearest mom below it.  I used a little glue on the edges to adhere it to the card stock.  Since I was putting small squares around the card, it would cover the glue marks.  You could also use brads or eyelets to set it.
Cut your 4.5x6.5 card stock into small squares of equal size, you need 8
Adhere the squares and add the ribbon.  Super simple and pretty adorable (I think)
Here is the finished product:
You could always print the wording right onto the card stock if you'd like.  Write what you feel in the inside and viola, a personal Mother's day card.
Have a Happy Humpday!


Vic said...

i can ATTEST that you do my friend, make theeee best cards! xo gorgeous! enjoy the day

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This is so cute! I may have to make one of my own...(:

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That is SO cute! I'm totally going to use this idea! Thanks for sharing!


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