"It's a Dry Heat"

So, who coined the phrase, “it’s a dry heat!”  Are you kidding me?
I recently visited Phoenix, Arizona for the first time in my life last week.  Of course the week I had to be there for a conference, the temperature each day was 100, 101, and 100 with sun filled skies every day.  Now it was a huge contrast in weather considering I left a cloudy, cool and soggy Ohio.  I don’t think I have seen the sun for a couple of weeks here in Ohio.  Maybe I was just shell shocked at the difference in temperature but it felt like I was sticking my head in an oven.  The humidity average just under 10%, so I know that’s where we get our dry heat.
I would have to say that the scenery was beautiful though.  I was able to play a gorgeous golf course and see some of the native animals that inhabit the desert.  My favorite had to be the roadrunner.  Yes, they exist and are real.  I say this because my wife did not believe me.  So the proof is in the photos.

Well if you have never been there, it truly is a beautiful place.  There scenery is absolutely stunning.

After looking around and sightseeing for awhile, I finally got the message from the Arizona desert.


Did the desert just flip me off??

I think it did..

Steve ✈


Janice said...

Your post had me lol. I am an AZ native, and yes it is a little like sticking your head in the oven. Especially around July when it feels like your skin is being seared off. ;)

Anyway, following you via GFC. :)

Celebrating Family

Every Day Products & More said...

love these pics and the cactus lol following from the hop

Lexie Lane said...

Oh my gosh!!!! This is WAY too funny! I couldn't stop laughing and now my husband thinks I'm crazy cause I'm laughing really hard to myself.

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Take Care,

Lexie Lane

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Rachel said...

HA HA HA!! The cactus picture cracks me up!

We went on vacation once and stopped at a road side park in Arizona to make sandwiches. No joke- our bread dehydrated before we could get the sandwiches made and eaten. It was that hot. It was like 115 or 120- no joke. And I thought Texas heat was bad!


Lolly Jane said...

hahah i have to laugh as i live in good ol az, born & raised. LOVE IT HERE! i'll take the "dry heat" over the wet cold any day!!! (:

sorry our cactus was so rude to you! ;) new follower from tara's blog hop!

(: kelli & kristi