Thank you guys!

I want to thank you guys for your words of encouragement, prayers and good karma. I had my sinus surgery, my deviated septum un-deviated, my turbonates re-turbo’d and tubes put into both of my ears. Hopefully these surgeries will help make for more enjoyable Mandays; Mandays that I do not have to fear for my health because I am in the great outdoors sucking up all of the allergens that like to ruin my days.
It better work, because I have greatly underestimated the gross amounts of pain that I would have to endure with my recovery. Holy crap! From my teeth up felt like it was on fire, and the genius trying to put the fire out was using cinder blocks to smother the flames. In short if you haven’t had major sinus problems that interfere with your everyday life I do not recommend that you put yourself through this.
I am an optimist however. I will get the packing pulled out of my noggin probably when you are reading this. I am going to put the thought of it out of my head right now so I can continue to be optimistic. Once my packing is out I will be able to breathe, smell, taste and live better.
So I will ask you to pray that there isn’t too much brain matter attached to the packing in my melon because I can’t have much left. And a toast to finish this blog, to smelling, really smelling not just having my brain tell me what something used to smell like but really smelling lilacs or fresh cut grass or bourbon. Bottoms up!
Monster Turkeys (Breakfast of Champions)
4oz Wild Turkey Bourbon
4oz Your Favorite Monster Energy Drink



Jessi said...

I hope the packing removal has minimal amounts of brain matter, but if we're sticking with being optimistic it would be kind of cool to see your own brains and still be alive, right? Or maybe not...I don't know.

I hope you start feeling better soon! :)

Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas said...

Oh, girl! Good luck! I ahd similar surgeries twice growing up - minus the tubes in the ears! NOT FUN! I am sure I need it again - my allergies are killer & I can NVER really breathe from ym nose but I just do not want to go through it again.

Hope by the time your ead this the packing is gone (ugh!) and your feeling a bit less paing & more relief! It will be better after all is said & healed though so taht's what matters int he end - the final result - to breathe freely again! :)


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NANCY said...

Wow! That sounds pretty sucky to me. Note to self....no surgery anywhere near face. Got it! LOL!

Hope you're week gets better!


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