Eleven Resolu-nots

OK, so my friend McCall over at Lee Me and the Girls is having a linky party for all of our Resolu-nots.  The things we know we will NOT do in the New Year.  Instead of making resolutions she knew she'd break, she decided to do things she knew she wouldn't do, so she can't break that.  Great idea, right?  So I decided that I would join in the fun, so here we go, things I know I WILL NOT do in 2011.

1.  I will not waste money!  What that means to me is, not going to Walmart 3 times in a week.  If I didn't get it the first time, I can live without it.  If we don't NEED IT this year, it's not getting purchased.  ONLY NECESSITIES!

2.  I will not choose working around the house over the tender arms of my boys.  If they want lovin, I will stop what I'm doing and oblige.

3.  I will not let my husband go without kisses and hugs first thing in the morning, going to and coming home from work, and at bedtime.  There are days when I go down the stairs in the morning without giving him some suga, I know it's sad.

4.  I will not let my gas light come on. *smile* oops, I've gotten pretty bad at that, but it will stop this year.

5.  I will not let more than 1 month go by without reading a book.  Usually I only read in the summer due to my DVR addiction, but this year I'm going to read throughout the year.  I already have my first two books lined up.  1st-The Lightening Thief, and 2nd The Shack

6.  I will not run on the treadmill on a beautiful day.
I feel better running out doors, it just get too easy to go in the basement and get it done.

7.  I will not droll over the things I can't have this year, (or maybe never)

8.  I will not wait until December to buy Christmas Gifts.  I about lost my mind this year doing things so late.  I usually have it ALL done by Thanksgiving.  This year, it will be done by then, once again.

9.  I will not leave stuff laying around that I can put away when I'm done with it.  I'm a bad culprit of doing something in the bathroom, and leaving it laying on the sink, or coming in the house and laying something on the bar instead of just putting it where it goes.

10.  I will not pass up the opportunity to go out with my friends.  It seems like there is never enough time for this, so this year, friends, let's make a date and stick to it!

11. I will not take stuff to the Salvation Army over giving it to someone who can't afford to buy it.   I donate a lot of stuff throughout the year.  But when I think about giving it to the Salvation Army, where they sell the stuff, it upsets me.  I know that money goes to help people, but I would rather give my stuff to someone who can't afford to go purchase it.  There are several churches and organizations that take your stuff and give it to those less fortunate.  This makes me feel much better and warms my heart.

I hope you all are inspired to write a Resolu-nots.  It's much easier to write things you know you won't do as opposed to things you say you will do and then break.  So far my resolutions are going great, but it's only the 4th day into the new year.  If you come up with some Resolu-nots and want to join the linky party, come on over to Lee Me and the Girls, and link up!

Love, BJ


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Norwegian Phoenix said...

I'm making an effort to comment on all the blogs I previously lurked on as part of my new year's goals. I've been a follower for a while and love your blog.

If I could do any of these, I need to do something about getting gas before the light comes on. Sometimes it's so close I wonder if I'll get to the gas station(that's roughly 1/4 mile away from the house). Maybe I need to make a list of these too. Thanks for the great read!

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ohkeeka said...

I didn't make it a FORMAL resolution, but I do really want to stick to buying the essentials this year too, since we're buying a house. It's so hard though, especially when you see good deals! And drooling over things you want, but can't have? Yup, been there too.

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Love it!! I might have to adopt your resolu-not idea throughout the year. Hope y'all are doing well! Love ya, girl! :)

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