Impressions: How to make a Stepping Stone

A stepping stone is a decorative item that can include impressions of so many things.  We love to make them and have our boys put their hands and feet in them.  This way we have a mold of their little hands and feet that will last forever.  You can also use a pets paw or write something on the stone.  They are also great gift ideas for Grandparents so they can remember their Grandchildren.
They sell kits at stores, but the frames are a very flimsy plastic.  We found that by making this frame, it is a lot cheaper in the long run.  A 2"x4"x8' will cost about $2.75 and a bag of concrete is about $3.00 and will make 4 - 5 stones, depending on thickness (Caution: Each stone will be heavy. The one below weighed in at 27 lbs).  If you take a few minutes and build a frame yourself or have someone help you if you don't have any carpentry skills, you will have a frame that lasts a long time.  The frame doesn't have to be perfect and can be any shape you want.

Here are the items you will need to build a frame:
2"x4" (4 sided - 2 cut to 12" and 2 cut to 15")
1/2" plywood for the bottom (just build frame and draw line on plywood and cut)
2" screws

Items needed to complete the stepping stone:
Small shovel or spade
Stone stamps (if desired)
Anything you want to add (seashells, glass stones, fishing lures....etc)

Once the frame is complete, its time to mix some concrete and pour in.

Pour concrete into bucket and add a little bit of water.
Mix thoroughly and make sure not too add to much water.  If it gets too runny, you will not be able to make impressions in the concrete.  If it happens to get too runny, just add a little more concrete.   It needs to stay thick when poured.

Next, smooth out concrete by shaking frame (helps get air bubbles out) and using small trowel or spatula.  If it seems to wet, allow concrete to set for about 10-15 minutes before trying to make an impression.

Now its time to use your helpers and make the impressions you are after.

After adding little feet and hands, we used seashells we collected at the beach to go around the border.  This is where you can get creative and use anything you want.  We also took the stone stamps and put 2011 in the middle.

Once finished, allow the concrete to cure and dry in the frame for about 4-5 days.  This will ensure it does not break apart when you try to remove it from the mold.  When it is time to remove the stepping stone from the frame, just remove a few screws.

Your finished project will be ready to be put where ever your heart desires.

I hope you all enjoy and make impressions that will last a lifetime!!  Every time you look at one, the memories will come flooding back in.



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We have made several of these and I treasure them all!
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I think this would be fun for my kids to do, even though they are a bit older. Thanks for the cost saving tips!

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We did this for my Mother In Law for Mother's Day. It was a great activity.

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super cute blog you have here bobbi jo! love the stepping stone! i've had a kit i picked up on clearance a couple YEARS ago. i need to get it out and use it!! you've inspired me!
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