Organizing the Basement

This task became much larger than expected.  Half of my basement is finished with toys where the other half is storage, all of our decorations, saved clothes for the boys, and those things you save because you will use them again, well so I say.  Most of the stuff in that part of the basement has been in boxes for years and have made probably every move we've made, which is 4.  Like I said in my New Years Resolutions, I was going to get this house organized and get rid of all those things we haven't used in years.

First thing Steve and I did was pull all of it out.  This is what it looks like empty.
It was too embarrassing to show the before picture!  This is what it looked like all pulled out.

Crazy, isn't it?  We then proceeded to go through every box and decided if we needed it or if we could get rid of it.  I got rid of all of my old school books.  What can I do with them?  I'm not using them and if I go back to teaching, they'll be out dated, so I sold them all!  All the rest of the teaching stuff I donated to my sons school,  I'm sure some new teacher could really use my stuff, even if it's a few years old.  

We then went through and organized all the Rubbermaid containers of baby and kid clothes.  Being that I have kept all of the boys clothes in case we have any more babies, I have several tubs.  I even have a couple of containers that were passed down that Da Freakout hasn't grown into.  I can't pass up good clothes.  Like I've said before they grow out of them way too quickly!

It took us three days to get through everything!  Poor Steve has moved those boxes for years.  At least now he has a few less.  Once everything was put neatly away, this is what it looks like.
There are still a lot of containers, but once we are finished having babies, we can slowly get rid of a few more.

I don't know if Steve feels any better, but I feel a little relieved.  It almost feels like a load has been lifted off my chest.  I'm hoping once I'm all done with the entire house, I'll feel a whole lot lighter.  Hopefully by then, the scale will start reading that I am too.  Here is a picture of the playroom once everything was organized and put away.
Up next.... The Craft room. UGH!

Love, BJ


Crystal said...

Good for you! I need to organize our storage room (although I just did it in September!!). I have SO many totes of kid clothes...can't get rid of them until we know we are done having babies! But, holy crap, do we have a lot of crap!!! What's the deal?! The idea of tackling it is daunting...and no fun!

sweetsue said...

Your basement looks great. It's inspiring to tackle my garage!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I am your newest follower! Greatly appreciate the follow back. Happy Friday!

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Shairbearg said...

The basement looks great!! Gotta love another mama of 3 boys! Gah! The basement, and the craft room, plus a mama of 3 boys!! You are very very brave! LOL
new gfc follower from the friday hop

Emy said...

What a great job of organizing!

I'm now following you from Stepping By Saturday Blog Hop. Hope you can stop by my blog; I have several giveaways going on!


cookiesANDclogs said...

Beautiful job at organizing. Just wait 'til your boys get bigger - then they can help remodel :) Thank you for sharing a bit about yourself on my site today!

Cheeky Momma said...

I need to organize our basement too! I just keep putting it off.

I'm your newest follower and would love for you to stop by and follow me back!

Cheers from Being Frugal & Making It Work

Anonymous said...

Wanna come organize my closet?

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Dede said...

I have 6 kids so I have held onto quite a bit of boy and girl clothing...like you said, you just never know :) I am your newest follower. I would appreciate you stopping by mine :)

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Jackie H. said...

I just did my basement too. I had the same things: lots of baby clothes/gear, clothes of all different sizes for me ;), toys, teaching stuff... but I got it organized and now I find that if I take things out, it hardly takes me any time to get it all put back bc I know where everything goes! You'll be glad you did it!
Thanks for the follow, following back from Ready. Set. Read!