Silent Saturday- The Birthday Boys!

The Birthday Boys

Sam was born 5 years ago, on his daddy's birthday, what a gift!
Barry's beautiful family!  
Jo and Sam

Sam the Maniac Man!  

Have a wonderful weekend !
♥ BJ


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful family indeed! I love the picture of Barry with the cross over his chest - what a powerful visual represntation of him!

Kelli Jo

Jessica said...

What a special day!!! You have a lovely family!

rjg23 said...

We should definitely chat over at FTLOB! I love your blog as well and think that "Silent Saturdays" is a fab idea. I love photos!

Amee said...

Hi, I followed you on twitter. I hope you follow me back. :-)

Bloggin in PA said...

Isnt it so random when family members have the same birthday? My cousin has the same birthday as me! Cute pics on this post! Love it!

Lisa said...

I'm a new GFC follower from Say Hi Sunday.


Shalyn said...

How cute that they share the same birthday- your family is adorable!

Brooke said...

Aw awesome birthday and that's so neat they were born on the same day!

lindsey said...

Love your blog!
I share the same birthday with my daughter. It makes it extra special!
Your family is wonderful.
Following now :)

Beauty and the Green said...

Wow, what a blessing that you can celebrate two birthdays on the same day!