Handmade Height Chart

So, my big boys are sick, AGAIN.  Which means Manday is being postponed today.  So I decided to give you a little craft project idea, that I love.

When we first moved into the current house, my oldest son was six months old.  We decided that we were going to start one of those "height charts" on the wall.  We started when when he was 11 months old, when he started walking, and so the pencil marks began.

One day while flipping through the only magazine I get, Whole Living, I found a great idea.  A hanging, portable, height chart, so now if we ever move, I will always have the little marks that were where each of my children stood.

What you'll need:
Burlap (I got 3 yards, my husband is 6'4", the boys are going to be tall)
Dowel rod (optional)
safety pins

Step 1- fold burlap over dowel rod
Step 2- Stitch burlap together
Step 3- Select and cut size, shape and color of cardstock
Step 4- Write child's name and month on cardstock
Step 5- Measure sweet angel
Step 6- Use pin and tag to preserve height

We put marks for visual reference at each foot mark.  It's also a way to know that those heights are accurate.

For all of the parents out there that move for their jobs, you'll never have to worry about leaving marks on walls from house to house, and you won't have to buy one of those pricey charts.  You can make this practical, cheap chart to always have with you.  Hope you enjoy.  Let me know how it works for you.

Love, BJ


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Hey girl- here from FTLOB. I have 4 boys...so I love to look at blogs from mamas of boys. THe idea of being crafty beckons me....but when it comes down to it, I'm not as crafty as I'd like to be. This is a great idea, though! Wish I had it...12 years ago when my oldest was born. Now we just have permanent marker on the wall. Great visiting you!

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What a great idea!! We are about to move into a new house and were wondering what we were going to do for a height chart there... We took the measurements from the old house and wrote them on a paper.

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