Wishing I was here....Silent Saturday

This is what it is doing here today. 
This is where I would rather be.

With these people
Having one of these!

Happy Saturday!  Love, BJ


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Heather said...

Thanks for following me at Teens and a Toddler, I am following you back.

I still have one small one, but the others really should be getting themselves off to school by now!

Mandee said...

I would love to be there right now too! It's downright cold here!

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Have a great weekend!

Sherri said...

I am on the computer looking out the window at a huge snowstorm & dreaming of the beach!! On the weekend wander & am it seems we have a couple things in common. Also teacher turned stay @ home with 2 boyz:)!! Sherri

Danielle said...

Beautiful pictures! They made me miss the beach!!

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Milena said...

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Mommy B said...

Gah I wish I were there too!!

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Grandma Bonnie said...

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DP said...

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QueenB said...

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Ashley said...

Great pictures! We are getting to see snow next week and are really excited. I guess you get sick of it when you live in it though. :)

Our Village is a Little Different said...

We had the same kind of day, and yes, your pictures look much better! I'm stopping by from the blog hop. Now I'm a follower.

Tamara said...

Love all of the pics!

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Tamara from Swagtastic Mama

Marissa said...

yea, a beach and adult beverage would be GREAT, because here in Texas, its RAINING like crazy...and of course no where near cold enough for snow :(

Your boys are SUPER cute...I think I tell you that every time I stop by and comment!!!

nmassie218 said...

Hello I am stopping by from Comment Love Sunday. You have such a cute blod and you family is beautiful.

I would much rather be somewhere warm, especially the beach. I am not a fan of the snow! Great pictures! Have a great Sunday!

Kate said...

You really have a super cute blog and love the pictures :) The kiddies are adorable. I'm a new follower from http://loveiseverywhere.blogspot.com/

Have a beautiful day!

Shawn Becker said...

I am visiting from the Sunday Hop. It is snowing today in Colorado..Oh, how I yearn for warmer weather, the beach looks fantastic!

Crystal said...

Hey thanx for coming to my "Mom-dom"!! It's snowy here too...can't wait to go sledding. But I would much rather be laying in the sand letting the sun warm me...oh wait, I would actually be chasing the kids making sure nobody drowned. Oh well. Can't wait to read more of your kiddos...and maybe compare stories!

Skye said...

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sara said...

Thanks for the follow, right back at ya!

You're family is gorgeous!! And feel free to send some of that snow this way!!

TexaGermaNadian said...

Stumbled over from the Magical Monday. I am right there with you, would much rather be on a beach sipping a cold one instead of slopping through the winter muck :)


Rachel said...

I love those pictures! I haven't been to a beach in years- I need to make it a point to go to one this summer!


Ross said...

Sorry but I'm heading to the beach next week! I leave my snowy city for Hawaii. Winters are long here so I need the break from all the snow!!

Gina Alfani said...

I'm not too far from the beach and it is cold here too . . . we may freeze tonight. Florida's third or fourth freeze this year . . . this isn't supposed to happen so often!

OMG I couldn't handle the snow . . . or extreme cold. This Florida girl loves the heat and humidity of the tropics.

Thanks for following my food blog . . . I'm following you back!

Stay warm and toasty . . . Gina