Oh poor baby, is that a rash or allergic reaction?!

Note to self, and all you other interested parents.  If your child runs a high fever (102 or higher) for several days, and you take them to the doctor to find out they have an earache, don't be alarmed the next day if they have a rash all over them,  mostly from their heads to their lower belly or so.  It is not an allergic reaction, I repeat, it is not USUALLY an all allergic reaction. It is simply Roseola, a viral infection caused by that high fever your child had before that earache.  If you take them to the doctor, they are going to charge you for the visit, just to send you home and telling you there isn't anything they can do and no medicine will help.  If you are taking notes though, it is contagious to other small children.  I am no doctor, or an expert in any way, so this is from my experience with both of my boys.  If you feel you need to take them, by all means, do it.  I know in my gut if I should take them or not, sometime my judgement gets cloudy, and want to kick myself after taking them, but it's peace of mind.  I just thought this was a good little piece of information for all of us!  

On another note, I'm 20 persons away from 200 followers!!! I am so excited!  Thanks to all of you that are making it possible.  I have a big surprise after I get my 200th follower, so tell your friends about my blog and their friends and so on!  

See you all tomorrow for Silent Saturday!   Love, BJ


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I had a lot of ear infections as a child, I hope your little one is feeling better!

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