Reindeer Ornament

While going through my ornaments the other day, I came across an old homemade ornament, and decided it would be a great gift for my sons class.  It cost very little, less than $10, and didn't take a ton of time to make.  With two little boys under your feet, quick and easy is important! 

This is what you'll need:
- scissors
-1 piece red felt
-1 piece green felt
-google eyes
-red pompoms
-brown pompoms
-old fashion clothespins
-brown/black acrylic paint
-glue sticks and glue gun
-heart stickers
-fishing line
-drill with 1/16 bit

The most time consuming part was cutting the holly leaves and berries.  I cut a small strip of green, then cut little rectangles.  From the rectangles I cut off the corners to create the top point, then started at the center bottom and cut a curve up toward the outside.  Once I figured out the first one, the rest were easy.  With the red felt, I cut small round circles for berries.

Glue the wooden clothespins together
Once you get these pieces together, it's just a matter of gluing everything on them.  This is what it will look like.

I personally think they are adorable, and Da Freakout loves them too.  Hope you enjoy, and get your craft on! 

Love, BJ


messegirl1 said...

Love the ornament. You are so crafty. I really loved you and the boys Halloween shirts. They were so simple yet soooooo cute. I would love for you to do a Christmas shirt on the same concept. Easy, simple, cute, yet boyish. I also really liked how you added the bow to yours. It was great! I'll be watching!

Mama O said...

Those are so cute. Great idea showing how they are made.

Jessica said...

adorable! I'm your newest follower from the hops! I hope that you will come check out my blog! I have a giveaway ending Friday with really low entries - great chance for you to win!!!

Undeserving Grace said...

That is adorable I will have to try it..we're doing snowflakes and snowmen...maybe a snowman..haha. stopping by from Tues blog hop I'd love to have you join me at undeservingrace.com