Decorative Glass Block

While walking through Hobby Lobby, I see new things and wonder, gee, what could I do with that.  Well for months I've eyeballed glass blocks and have thought, that would would be cute all lit up, but what can I do with it to make it cute?  One day while checking them out, a woman who was teaching a painting glass came by to pick up a few.  Noticing how interested I was in them, she offered for me to check out the one she did.  I went to the classroom and saw how she painted scenery on them.  Well I don't paint all that much, so I knew that was out, but I got a great idea.  I would cut vinyl with my Cricut and etch the glass.  So I proceeded to get the things I needed,  went to the dollar store to get ribbon and went home to start on the block. 
This is what you'll need
1-glass block (the ones at Hobby Lobby and Micheal's are perfect, but if you want to get it at a home improvement store, that's an option)
1- roll of ribbon (the rolls at the dollar store fit perfectly in the groove of the block)
1-bottle of Armor Etch or Frost Spray (I did the first one with Armor Etch, and the others with Frost Spray.  It's cheaper and works just as well)
1-package of 35 lights (20 isn't enough, 100 is to many)
Vinyl cut to the shape or word you want.
Sponge to apply Armor Etch and rubber gloves
Bowdabra (unless you can make bows)

1st I make my bow, I love my bowdabra, it's so easy!
Leave enough ribbon to go around the block
Cut your vinyl into the word or shape you want
Apply the Armor Etch or Frost Spray

The Armor Etch says leave on for 5 mins, I left it on for 1 hour, removed it with water and applied another coat, you don't want to see through clearly.
When it's completely dry, you can remove the vinyl or not.  I've done it a couple different ways.
I've left the vinyl on, took it off and left it plain, and took it off and painted it.  If you choose to paint it, I got the paint a Michael's, it is Vitrea 160, it is strictly glass paint.  Once it dries, it doesn't need to be heated, that's just to make it safe to eat from.
Add your lights and bow (I secure the bow on with some hot glue) and PRESTO
They make great decoration for your house, a night light for your kids room, or the perfect birthday or holiday gift.  I've made a few because I love them so much!
You do what you like, it's now your creation! 
I hand cut the the WV because my machine doesn't have that capability.
Happy Crafting!!!  Love, BJ


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There is one missing......

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Most entertaining blog I have ever read. Creative and it makes me laugh and I always have a good day after reading it. Good job!

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I love this! So pretty! I need to use my bow maker more!
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Girl, I want me a Bowdabra! These r cute!

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