The Legend of the Fugarwee- Manday Monday

Fugarwee, a valuable lesson about life learned early in childhood, never, never ask my dad where he is going.   I asked one time and one time only,
Me-where are you going?
Dad- Hunting.
Me- Where?
Dad- Camp.
Me- Where's camp?
Of course I don't get  the answer, or even nun ya, I get this!

The Legend of the Fugarwee
West Virginia's First Indian Tribe

As legend would have it, many moons ago in ancient Siberia, during the age of much ice, a group of nomads became disenchanted with the cold inclement weather and thus began a very long  and treacherous journey to try to find a happier hunting ground.  This trek through the frozen tundra of what is now know as Alaska, was led by the nomad's brave, wise, well endowed and now famous chief, Ibigarod.  The nomads traveled for many years and suffered a great deal of hardship, but Ibigarod, being a very tenacious individual, pushed his followers on.

Over the years, after enduring the cold of winter, the scorching heat of summer and hiking through the countryside with bears, snakes and frogs that bite, even the most stalwart became weary.  After an especially long and arduous day of climbing mountains and fording an extremely dangerous stream that was known as  the river of the Elk, one of Ibigarod's followers, not knowing where he was, yelled at the top of his lungs in total disgust, "Just where the Fugarwee?"  Ibigarod, after much thought, replied, "Havnaclue!" (which is Fugarwee for you're in the almost happy hunting ground, baby!)

In the Fugarwee's honor, our hunting club has been named.  Our cabin stands on the very spot that Ibigarod gave his now famous reply.

The name of the famous dog sled race held in Alaska annually to honor Ibigarod, changed it's name for obvious reasons.

Why couldn't I get a normal answer?  This is still the type of answer I get when I ask him questions.  I'll give him he's creative, I guess that's where I get it from, well some of it.  I hope you enjoyed the story and the mad mind of dad.

Have a great day, and we'll see you tomorrow! Bobbi Jo and Bob (my dad)


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