Bobbi's Favorite Things, kinda like Oprah

In honor of my birthday coming up, I wanted to do a little take on Oprah's Favorite Things.  I would say that I'm a pretty selfless person.  Everyone comes before myself and I love seeing the joy on others' faces. But if I could be like Oprah and have the ultimate gift list for myself and to give to you all, these are the things that would be on it.  Some of these things I own, and others are my ultimate dreams and desires, things I probably will never have, but since it's almost my birthday, a girl can *WISH*. 

#1 A MacBook Pro from Apple
A great computer I can play with my pictures on, create cool things and do all my blogging and writing.

#2 A Great coffee pot and mug
I love my Kitchen Aid Coffee maker, and I have to have a great pottery mug, not any old cup will do.

#3 My favorite foods which I can't get in one place or even two, I mass purchase it when I'm in the town it's made.  Ideally it would just be shipped to me once a month in bulk, haha!
D'Annunzio's Italian Bread fresh from the bakery in Clarksburg, WV
Corky's Ribs and Sauce from Memphis, TN
Tomaro's Pepperoni rolls, fresh from the bakery in Clarksburg, WV
Ray's Original Pizza, NY City
Nathan's Mustard, NY
Blue Plate Mayo, LA

#4  The Harry Potter Series and Twilight Series
I know they're not everyone's thing, but I love a good book able to make me use my imagination, and I love all of these!

#5 Yankee Candle, Ocean Waters for everyday and in the Winter, Bath and Body Works, Winter
I love for my house to smell good and clean!

#6 A Great Coach Purse, Comfy Ugg Boots and a Piece of Jewelry that reminds you of your kids and husband.  I don't have a picture of my favorite ring, it was designed and made by my husband and favorite jeweler, Mr. Tim Williams from Williams Jewelers in Bridgeport, WV
#7 The most comfy house slippers in the world are made by Romika, I love, love, love these house shoes.  We don't wear shoes around the house, so these are great for just being in the house with.
#8 Janis Joplin's Greatest Hits
She does a great job of just putting me in chill mode.  I pop her in when I just need to relax.

#9  Swaddle Me 
I wish I had one of these for my first child!  I would wrap Baby Diesel up in this, and he would melt like butta. All moms with a new born should have one.

#10 Jillian Michaels for 1 week
What I would do to have her as a trainer for 1 week, that is if I made it through 1 day with her.  This would be all the motivation I would need for a lifetime.

and finally the Ultimate Gift, as if some of these are pretty extravagant and since I'm not really Oprah, I can go above and beyond the car she gave away this year with one of these.

#11.  Citation 10
Only in my wildest dreams! Isn't she beautiful?!

I hope you have a wonderful day and big dreams and wishes like I do. Love, BJ


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Sistah B said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! Creative ideas- Awesome Job ..and I love how my Coach bag made your list yeah! And the bread definitely made me hungry ..who knows maybe if your lucky Jillian will read this and seek ya out for a training sesh ..Happy Early Birthday!

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What happen to the Allegheny Treenware llc,? Love your list,few of my favorites also.

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