O Christmas Tree

Christmas is my favorite holiday!  I love everything about it, from the smells, to the music, to well, everything!  I love it, love it, love it!  One tradition that my mom passed down to me is putting up the Christmas tree and the ornaments that have been bought and passed down.  We have always put the tree up the weekend after Thanksgiving.  We play Christmas music, put the tree up with the ornaments that have stories behind them, add the bow and top it off with a great big bow.

Every ornament we have has a story.  i have some of the ones that came from the tree I grew up with.  for example the bulb that has the year I was born, all of the ones with my name on them, I even have the ones that were Santa and Mrs Clause that they used to make.  I think it is so fun to find new ornaments for the tree.  We always get the boys new ones from the beach, it was something my mom did.  Both boys have a pretty good start for their age.

I also enjoy finding ones that represent something that we love or what we're into.  I found this one for my little artist.

Like I said, each ornament has a story.  I hope that my boys love this tradition because they are going to have one heck of a start when they have families and trees of their own.
If you don't have up yours, maybe this will inspire you .  Have a joyful day and enjoy!

Love, BJ

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