Let me introduce myself

Hi, I'm new here, my name is Bobbi.  I'm a little nervous, but aren't we all with anything new?  I feel like it's the first day of school, correction, the first day of preschool, when you don't know anyone and your in uncharted water. 
Well, to introduce myself, I'm a stay-at-home mom of two handsome boys and a wonderful husband.
I have a masters degree in Children's Literature and love books, from picture books to Young Adult literature.  I enjoy cooking, cleaning, scrapbooking, photography, running, camping, playing sports, and with my kids.  I taught one year of kindergarten, three years of eighth grade English and Literature and was a substitute.  I also coached middle school volleyball, softball  and high school swimming.

I grew up in a small town in West Virginia, in a big Italian family with two caring parents.  I did all kinds of things growing up.  I played softball, volleyball and basketball.  I fished with my dad including baiting my own hook and taking off my fish, usually catching the biggest one, and that's no fish tale.  We went camping all the time, which I love to do with my boys now.

My parents were hard working and provided me with what I needed.  I spent a lot of time with my grandparents and playing with my three cousins, they are like my brothers and sister; they are the closest thing I have, and love them to death.  I have pretty wonderful aunts and uncles too, they are like parents to me.
I have a great mother-in-law, and yes, I mean that.  I couldn't have asked for a better one.  We actually go camping with her and her boyfriend in their RV every summer.  You know you love someone and get along with them in those types of close quarters.  My sister-in-law is pretty great too.
My mom is amazing, she has always been the best mom!  I have always told her everything, and she has always been here for me.  I hope to have the same relationship with my kids.
I love, love, love my husband, he is my best friend!  We have the best time together.  We have a relationship I would say is equal.  he helps with anything I need and then some, and I'm there for him.  I can't imagine life without him.
I hope this gives a little insight as to who I am.  I have a lot to say and being that I only talk to kids all day, I love to talk!  I hope you decide to follow me and see what I have in store.  This blog is going to be a plethora of information.  I alone won't be contributing to this blog.  Mondays will be all about the men, but you'll have to come back to read more.  There are going to be fun loving stories, craft ideas, tips and things about our everyday lives.  I would also like to hear from you all, what you want to hear, and what you have to say.  Leave comments!!! 
So on that note, have a wonderful day and I hope to see you back here tomorrow, and tell your friends to come too!

Love, BJ

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