Everything….Plus the Kitchen Sink

How many of you go on vacation for a week or just out of town for the weekend and drive your own car or truck? 
            How much do you pack?
 Well, of course it will depend on the size of your family and how long you’re gone.  If you’re a guy and riding solo for the weekend, you probably can pack everything you need into a backpack.  If you bring along a significant other, you’re probably looking at 2 – 3 suitcases.  Add two young children to the equation and you’ll need to bring, well…. you get the idea.
For me, it feels like I bring the whole house.  Sometimes I wish the house had wheels so I could pull it and not get so frustrated when I have to pack the vehicle.  Maybe I just need to buy a nice motorhome.  Well, I guess the frustration for me stems from the obscene amount of crap we pack.  We need to pack for a family of 4, not 12.  I figure 1 suitcase per person should fit in the bed of my Ford F-150 with no issue.
4 suitcases plus a bag of shoes, toys, a stroller (that never gets used), my hunting or fishing gear (depending on the season), an air mattress etc. etc.  It seems like it never ends.  It took me a few years to realize my Ford F-150 is for 1 child,  a Ford F-250 is for 2 children and so on.  Man, do I need an upgrade.
Packing is like playing Tetris to me.  I fit all of the pieces strategically together until the bed of the truck is full.  I walk inside and……………… BAM, more bags by the door. 
“You have got to be kiddin me” I mumble under my breath, “What is this bag for?”
“Presents!!” my wife exclaims with a smile.
Presents, Ha, I think next year everyone will get gift cards, easier to pack and I won’t even notice them.  Now since the truck bed is full, I curse my way out the door with more bags and cram them in the backseat.  I always think and say to myself this won’t happen again.  How naive. 
Well off to pack the truck for Thanksgiving break.  We’ll be gone for about 7 days.  No seriously, that is what I am going to do.  I’ll probably need to bring a trailer this time.

I just hope the kitchen sink fits!



Anonymous said...

Joe's comment: Are you pulling the golf cart too? Good job, Steve!

Sandyr2595 said...

Sounds like a serious vehicle up-grade is in your future. Hope Bobbi Jo doesn't get mad at me for saying that. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Aunt Sandy

Moma B said...

Well Steve...... You could cut back on gifts, no one really needs a thing, and between the three houses there are plenty of toys, and no need for air mattress, we all have one of those, and shoes no one but Bobbi needs more than one pair. The boys like going barefoot. Well I have the stuff cut in half. A bigger truck would be fun. Go for it. Love ya! Can't wait for next Monday's Blog.