The World from 3 feet

I thought today would be a great day to share some of the pictures I get when Da Freakout gets ahold of my camera.  Usually I don't even realize he has it until I load the pictures on my computer, and there they are, pictures from 3 feet. 
It's me, Da Freakout!

                                                             This is Daddy with Aunt Neena
                                                         Aunt April and Uncle Rich

                                                           Uncle Bobby and Me

                                                                      Aunt Rachel and Brother

                                                       Nunny and Daddy

 Karlee and Me
Cool feet
Up close and personal
This is Da Freakout!  Pictures all by him!  He loves my camera, maybe Santa could get him his own, and we could see his perspective on everything around him.  You can see he loves taking pictures of himself, and he has gotten really good at it.  I hope you enjoyed.  You never know what you will see. He always puts a smile on my face, I love seeing the world through his eyes.  Have a great day!

Love, BJ


Anonymous said...

Yes, Da Freakout loves loves loves a camera!!! I still have photos on my iphone when he decided to take photos one day while we were visiting. LOL It's interesting to see the world through his little eyes. Please give him a big hug for me and tell him his photos in today's blog ROCK!!!

YaYa NaNa PooPoo said...

I too, always love to see the pictures left on my phones after a visit. They are priceless. He takes great pictures. Can't wait to see what kind of pictures Baby Diesel will take when he starts. I think you should post pictures that Da Freakout drawings, they too are pretty interesting. Love all of you.....

Momma Monkey's Crafts said...

My daughter loves the camera but she is only 2 y/o so she doesn't quite get it yet!! Mostly she just likes to see pictures of herself on the camera after I take them! I was super sad she figured out how to delete pictures on my phone!! She deleted a video of her and I blowing bubbles that I LOVED. Oh well we will replace that video with extra bubble blowing! I love this concept though of a blog post dedicated to their pictures :-)