Lists, lists, and more lists!

I don't know about others, but I am a list maker!  I love lists, sometimes the more, the better.  That sounds sick, I know, but I can't help it.  If I don't write it down, sure enough, I'm going to forget what I need.  I was just telling my husband the other day that I thought I might be getting early onset of Alzheimer's, that could be from watching to much Grey's Anatomy, but who knows, I forget stuff often.

 I have so many lists, it's really not funny.  From ones I write down like the grocery and to do list, to ones I have stored on my computer for summer vacation, the meal planner/grocery and packing list.  Yes, I have a meal planner for the beach, with two accompanying that are called, "To buy before the beach, and to buy at the beach."  And of course, the 3 page packing list!  If I don't write it down, I would be lost.

When we travel to see our families, I write down everything that we bring.  What's bad is I haven't quite gotten down bringing the list with me to remember to bring back everything.  It never fails something always gets left behind. When I don't make my list, I forget important things like the boys bathwash, which sounds like no big deal, but the oldest is allergic to most soaps, so I have to bring scent free.  I guess it could be worse, at least I can go to the nearest Walmart and get that, if I forget his medicine, I would be up a creek!

My newest to do list I have written on an old, full length mirror.  I use a dry erase marker so when I accomplish each task, it can be erased.  This is one of my better ideas.  I write the long-term things I need to do down on it so I can't lose it.  Not that I lose a lot of things, or should I say misplace, but I can't lose or misplace the mirror.  It is such an easy idea!  Here is a picture, just to get an idea.

 I was thinking about getting another one for Da Freakout.  He loves looking at himself and writing.  We go through a lot of paper with him, and I thought a mirror might cut down on that.  He has started working on his lists also.  I can't imagine where he learned that.

Now I'm going to turn to you and ask what type of list do you have?  Do you have any creative ideas for your lists?  Would you be willing to share them with us?

Lists are my friends.  Maybe one day I'll get one of those fancy phones that I can keep all of my lists in one place, instead of scattered a little bit of everywhere.  Hint, hint!  

Have a great day, and we'll see you tomorrow!

Love, BJ

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