Valentines treat bucket

I have never been a big Valentines Day person.  I can't say I've ever LOVED it.  I guess I've never got why we need one day to show others how much we love them.  I like to do that 365 days a year.  Anyhow, I decided that starting this year, I was going to go all out and make it fun for my little guys.  I have started several crafts that I will be sharing throughout the next two weeks, so come by and check them out.

Today's project is Valentines treat bucket.  It could be used for your kids class Valentines Day, or for treats that you share with them, or both.  We are going to use ours to put small treats for each of the boys.  A few pieces of candy,  an iTunes card for the big one, a fish of some sort, because he really wants a fish,  and a couple other little things.

Here is what you'll need:
1 bucket (Target dollar section)
4 pieces of fabric cut 6" wide and however long you need to wrap it around your bucket. (I bought 1/2 yard of each and it made 3.)
sewing machine (needle and thread if you don't have one)

Cut your fabric into 6"wide strips
Stack them on top of each other
I used 2 solid, 2 prints 
I layered them, print, solid, print, solid
when I layered them, the 2 prints faced opposite directions 
Stack them up so they are flush with each other
Simply sew straight down the middle of them
Cut 1" strips to the center sewn line.
*Do not cut the line*
When you are finished, separate them and make it fluffy
I wrapped it around and tucked it in the handles to attach
this is the finished product
minus the treats
It's just the right size for just a few little things.
A great thing about it is, you can take off the valentines fabric and make one for every holiday and use it around your house for just about anything.

Hope you enjoy!  Have a GREAT day, and we'll see you tomorrow for another Valentines Craft!

♥ BJ


Chrissy said...

That is so cute!

I know, why need one day to show your love...what about the rest of the year!

Have a wonderful day!
Hugs xxx

Jules said...

Darling! You're such a good Mommy!

Joni said...

this is so cute. i have a bucket just like this (well, except it's red) and i am definitely going to try this out. a great idea for valentine's day. thanks for sharing.