Music Flashback

I have been in a really good mood this past week.  It is more than most likely the beautiful sunshine and the semi-warm weather.  Being in a good mood, makes me want to dance!  I wanted to share with you all a blast from the past, and my Top 10 or 12 Favorite songs from High School.

Back in the day I loved Rap and Dance music, it has to do with the awesome beat they have, and that's what my friends listened to also.  Anyway, some of these you may of heard of, others maybe not, but they all put me in a dancing state of mind and in a GREAT mood, so hear ya go, a music flashback.

*WARNING*  You may not want to listen to these with your children around, the language may not be appropriate. Remember I listened to them when I was in High School, pre-kids.  I have them on my i-Pod, so I'm the only one that hears them, I only share the ones that don't have cuss words in them with the boys.  The  really bad ones, I didn't put the videos to, at all.

1. Daisy Dukes- 69 Boyz

2. Hypnotize- Big Poppa
3. Thuggish Ruggish Bone- Bone Thugs and Harmony
4. Let me Clear my Throat- DJ Kool

5. Tootsee Roll- 69 Boyz

6. Freek'n You- Jodeci

7.  Pony- Ginuwine

8.  Baby Got Back- Sir Mix Alot

9.  Da Dip- Freak Nasty

10.  Closer- Nine Inch Nails
11.  Danger- Blahzay, Blahzay
12.  Ditty- Paperboy

Every morning when I woke up my Senior year, I listened to Bone, Thugs, and Harmony.  It drove my mom crazy!  I didn't do it to bother her, I did it to pump myself up for the day.  I have always loved music, ever since I can remember.  Growing up I remember my dad would pull my old Fisher Price Record player out and play his old vinyls.  He was a DJ and MC opening for some really cool people like James Brown and Janis Joplin.  He had a wide range of music, so I fell in love with just about every genre.

Music is still a big part of our lives, like I said earlier in the week, we have dinner time dance parties.  We play music while we make dinner and the boys go to town, it the cutest thing.  I need to record it to share, they all crack me up!

I hope you have a wonderful day and an AMAZING weekend!  Maybe this music will remind you of a time that you loved and put you in a great mood too!

♥ BJ


Chrissy said...

Ooh, those remind me of the time I listened to them! Has it really been that long ago...oh, this makes me feel really old...ha!
Have a wonderful day! xxx

Crystal said...

Oh yeah...you're makin' me wanna dance!! Let's get this party started!!! I used to CRANK my stereo in the mornings...the louder the better. Some of my fave groups were En Vogue, Salt and Pepper, TLC, Technotronic...oh yeah, I'm cool!!! hahaha..takes me back :)

Mrs G said...

Im so going to download some of those now for my runs :)

b. lee said...

LOL * major flash back ~ ~ ~

Diane said...

Great music! Nothing like the oldies Ÿ

Emme said...

Following back from the "stalk"! Have a great weekend! The Kid Can Cook

Myria - Beloved Bijou said...

Oh this brings be back!!! Love it <3
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